When will you fix graphics and ladder

Don’t be stupid. None never plays competitive on high graphics. High graphics are made for casuals so they buy the game.

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Starcraft remasters, why don’t they use the old one. Someone enlightenment for me. I occasionally watch their stream (they are all top players in Korea).

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The graphics on my computer are out of this world. You must have a crap computer which cannot handle them. It is also not dark, or dim… maybe click on the options tab before you start a game, and check if you have an unusual mix of settings…

The SD graphics for StarCraft is classic SD, so that means 4:3 locked with very low pixel count. The HD graphics are modern HD meaning 16:9 with high pixel count. Both of these give competitive advantage since wide screen means one can see more tiles to the left and right of the screen while the higher resolution allows for a lot more visual clarity (less blur) making things easier to see.

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I have a very powerful gaming computer. All my Warcraft friends have the same impression of the graphics. I am yet to see a pro using reforged graphics (post release), and everyone I speak to online has also had to abandon it, finding it unplayable. There is not even a gamma adjust setting in game, but I think the problem goes beyond the darkness, the graphics is simply not clear.
I keep trying to convince myself that if I play reforged for long enough then I can learn to be able to tell the units apart in battle, but as soon as I play online I consistently find I have to give up as its such a horrible graphical experience.
I am glad that you are able to enjoy it, but for most people the graphics are big reason behind the widespread disappointment.

Maybe you can post an internet link to a screenshot of what you are talking about, you are the only person I’ve heard say the lighting is dark. Sounds like it has to do with your computer or your settings. Nobody else I’ve spoken with has this problem, including myself.

Check this out for graphics, you might like it: Added Blizzcon 2018 graphics (ReShade /increased contrast)

how about reforged. is the graphic good enough for competition?. Classic is HD already and before Reforged everything just perfect. If blizzard can not fix with better graphic, fine … I will refund this . I still have the cd and key for classic- refund it too if Blizzard can not bring the classic back.

The higher complex models make it harder to resolve differences between units. Additionally the more complex visuals lower frame time consistency and possibly drop frame rate below refresh rate which can also hinder player response time as well as clarity.

Professional players min max for their performance. This is why they play StarCraft II and HotS on low settings as well.

The RoC CD key still works to play versions starting with 1.32 and later.

Dan there are a bunch of other threads all saying the same thing and the pros have commented on it too. The reforged graphics are blurry and grey and indistinct. They only look good zoomed in. This captures just how bad reforged looks exactly, but I’ll take my own to show you in game - xhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/EIUjKqhXUAAqu9R.png

Don’t hold your breath. The best days of Blizzard are in the past, so you can assume the same for Warcraft III.

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Reforged graphic look good from close, when playing normally they become a blurry mess


Correct, but it’s an RTS not an RPG. The heart of the game is multiplayer. Honestly every time I think about the fact that some drongo in Blizzard thought these graphics were good enough to go to public with, my jaw drops and I think I’m dreaming.

Blizzcon Demo lighting: Blizzcon 2018 ReShade (final version (for now))

Expecting the Graphics to get fixed.

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Nice joke.
No part of Reforged graphics, art, and model design fits the game and the IP we’ve grown to like.

Mobile RTS game except its on PC. (Visually i mean)

Both of you should stop ignoring a crucial thing imo.
The Graphics of the game need to be a visual advantage, not a disadvantage.

What you said basically proves that Blizzard butchered a possibility for a proper and faithful remaster, just for some shiny 20k polygon hyper detailed models that take more then required optimization to run smoothly and most of the times they don’t run smoothly they just have massive framerate dips.

All of you refuse to acknowledge over the top high poly models and realistic graphics are not suited for War3 an RTS game. and keep dumbing the discussion down to as if Pro people just hate what you portray to be :“good graphics” just for competitive advantage.

Bunch of bias people. i’m sick of everyone hating on what made Classic War3 great.

Basically we have a bunch of people defending graphics and art and models that are for a 3rd person RPG game thats inserted in an RTS game.

Hell, it isn’t even good for a realistic game, has anyone even seen Dawn of War 2 or Company of Heros ? yeah no.

This is the cheapest way they could have possibly done a graphical remaster.
They didn’t even bring Samwise to oversee the graphical remaster of a game he did the first time around.

Jokes on you guys.

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I kind of agree partially but not entirely and here’s why.

I do play 1v1 (except in current state of the game) and I can imagine what some players would be happy with is - the exact same textured models but higher poly, like less triangle heads, so that it preserves visibility. Kind of like how SCR is exactly SC just higher res, not completely different skins. For example footman would remain same white metal just changing only the less edges i.e higher poly

So no shiny armored knights if their colors will change because of the new model (for example if silver-white metal is replaced by darker metal thus harder to distinguish).

But most units do look distinguishable enough. Perhaps footman is darker now and causes less visibility but how come:

SC2 uses skins from warchests and units are still distinguishable
SC2 uses Team Color Intensity option to better see who is who in e.g footmen battle.

These are ways to make the units more visible. Also, like in SC2 they could make some units lighter color of the armor like more silver color, other can be darker like in SC2 they started making the units with such differences.

So these models arent far off, maybe thats what some expect just same textures and look just slightly more poly.

Rifleman, mortar, tank, gryphon, hawk, knight, sorceress, spellbreaker look alright to me and new.

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Seriously where the F$@* is the ladder Bliz?!

things take time to fix

have patients stop being spoiled children rome wasnt built in a day

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Have patients? So we’re doctors now lol.

“Things take time to fix” - how much longer do they need? Game was released January after being delayed multiple times. People’s expectations are realistic so sit down and make me a sandwich.

then stop complaining and go fix it your self
codeing isint easy get over it wait till things are finished

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