What proof is there that this game is broken?

Dude, this is really damning. If you can’t be accurate then why should anyone believe a word you have to say.

The changes you are talking about just aren’t in the damn map.

and if I run both version of the game side by side, the only differences are the art assets. The game is the same. Why are you lying to people. What do you have to gain by doing this?

And WTF is this about? Why are you saying that the UI is “ugly”? What is it about the UI that you don’t like? It’s like you heard someone else say then and are just repeating it for cred.

You probably misunderstood my point… Open up LV Murgul oasis and Murgul oasis (original) and compare those two maps… What I wrote is accurate. What exactly are you comparing?

If you were trying to compare echo isles to its old version well that’s impossible (to do easily anyway) because the original file is simply overwritten. but TSLV murgul LV and battleground LV are all easily verified.

The maps between the version are literally the same except for the assets. What else are you comparing?

It’s sad people are passionate? About something that has been a dear part of their leisure-life for many years? :man_facepalming:

It’s sad people like you have such low standards. Probably why developers adapted low standards themselves, giving us this “fine” game, not even bothering to put their own hearts into it, rather outsourcing their core franchise to a random studio who puts human ears on naga models and has the menus running in Chrome. Not to mention visual indicators for NE and UD starting locations as posted earlier in this thread. Impale changing team colors. Ladder / profile / tournaments being stripped. A good 30% of my 50+ versus games having desyncs, being stuck in matchmaking queue, custom game hosting only working sometimes. If you think this game is fine and acceptable as it is currently, you haven’t actually played the game.

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are you comparing reforged to classic or something ? that was not my point at all lol. What are LV MAPS?? read the complete post to understand, if thats your intention even idk.

What proof is there that the game is broken?

  • No more profiles
  • no more ladder
  • “new” menu and chat look and feel awfull, lacking old functions and are made in cheap HTML code: X_https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/exbcrn/the_whole_main_menu_of_warcraft_3_reforged_is_a/
  • no more tournaments
  • No more LAN
  • No more Clans
  • No more offline AI game functions
  • No more cross chat with D2 players
  • No more cross-region play (NA playing with EU)
  • no /ignore function
  • no more custom campaigns
  • profanity filter does not work and when it does it crashes ur game, example:
  • No more /commands
  • Removed friend list
  • No more RoC balance
  • Removed custom game filter
  • No mmr system
  • classic graphic options do look worse than the original (shadows look worse, some spelleffects are missing or look worse, example:
  • some models are misisng entirely in new reforged graphics, example:
  • No keybinds menu
  • campaign lacks old eastereggs
  • Removed dryad “i’m so wasted” line and other iconic voiceovers which do not fit SJW policy
  • Removed Samwise Didier from Gamefiles: X_https://www.reddit.com/r/WC3/comments/eur3z9/what_about_samwise_didier/
  • Cut cutscenes
  • No Cloudsafe
  • if you switch classic to reforged graphics or vice versa, it deletes your campaign progress
  • FPS, performance and optimization is bad, even on high end machines
  • Cut english voice acting
  • New foreign dubs which are inferior and compulsory, cannot be changed back, new german voicelines sound especially dumb
  • Cut story content
  • Replays safe function dates the replays in no particular order and the dating is wrong
  • Arthas vs Illidan cutscene looks like a cheap youtube SFM
  • Chat is so broken it cant even autoscroll it self
  • Old client is gone even if you don’t own reforged, your forced into this mess
  • Custom maps now have a report button so blizzard can ban maps like revenge of the [REDACTED], anime arena and caterparty (the creator of which was already banned)
  • 50% of custom games are GONE cuz of new Blizzard ToS
  • all intellectual rights on custommaps now belong to Blizzard
  • And to top it off, it seems as if the Lead Designer is on massive damage control on twitter.
  • Keybinds non existant in replays, cant even edit a dirty .txt file for that
  • microtstuttering in multiplayer, even on high end machines
  • AMD users cant play the game at all for 3 months now and not answered in technical support forums
  • campaign does not work in classic graphics, it auto defeats you on certain mission, example: X__https://www.twitch.tv/followgrubby/clip/RelievedSmoothVampireBrokeBack
  • no more safe function in custom games, so certain games are not playable anymore like “Burning Crusade - Raids” or in general all custom games which required you to safe your progress
  • after a certain time it auto kicks you from custom games for no reason, example:
  • no communication at all, 1 blizzard employee named Kaivax for the entire worldwide community
  • random disconects, high ping, servers stability is awfull
  • no leaver penalty
  • unlocking collection portraits is broken, example:
  • no marketing at all
  • all the community third party software does not work anymore
  • bugs and stuff reported in Beta over ~3 month still in the game, example: X__https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/warcraft3/t/teamcolors-get-changed-when-upgrading-townhall-or-militia/8919
  • autodefeat bug in campaign
  • 30FPS animations in a uncapped FPS game
  • no new UI which was advertised
  • no new content and cutscenes which were advertised
  • new maphack bug by blizzard: X_https://www.reddit.com/r/warcraft3/comments/exvhkq/game_breaking_maphack_bug_against_night_elves/
  • outsourced development to Malaysian Studio, game art (models, animations, etc.) is not even made by Blizzard: X___https://www.facebook.com/lemonskystudios/
    and theyre trying to hide this information:
  • radio silence about all this since beta started, 2 days into launch and
  • community manager still ignoring us completly
  • “damage control” bans on forums and twitter for posts like this.

So you are complaining that they made balance changes to the ladder version of the map pool? for a ladder that isn’t even live yet? That’s your only beef with the game thus far? And you think that this justifies trashing the entire game?

Oh and you think that the updated UI assets are somehow “ugly” because… they aren’t the exact same assets that were in the previous version of the game? Like that’s your only critique, that they don’t satisfy your nostalgic perspective on what the game should look like.

Was playing LAN yesterday. o.O

guys please listen to him. He is right, he can run the old battlenet on his 20 years old power mac. So he has no problem with the huge amount of bugs and glitches that the new shameful “battlenet interface” presents…
He can still enjoy all the features that have been ripped off! Wonderful!
In synthesis, he is the usual average mac user!!!111


seriously speaking, a Pentium 3 from 2000 with 64mb and 16mb of video card could barely run wc3 only if configured properly via configuration files. As the number of units in map increased, not conunting some memory leaks here and there in custom maps (DotA had it too back then) game became very unstable.
Nonetheless you could still enjoy the whole chat system flawlessly.

Now the useless chrome browser freezes the interface on i7 processors…


I agree with you to some extent, my entire problem with it is, there are alot of people complaining, and i understand why, but what completely blows my mind is that they had pre-ordered the game. They barelly played the game and didn’t give the Devs any sort of direction of what they really wanted… then when the game is finally released they start complaining, when they had 2 months to tell the Devs what they wanted.

I enjoy the game alot even tho i agree it would be great if there were achievements, ladder games, an online user profile with stats and achievements. And a completely working offline single player campaign and custom games.

Because that was a really big thing in classic, being able to create maps without having internet for years, and then finally getting internet and releasing all their content, or playing it online with others.

Anyways, see you all in the game!

OP, the few people who are enjoying the game are the ones who don’t have any problems.

I got black screens and crashes every now and then, not considering the lag, the loading screen during the loading of a new level being completely black except the sole loading bar, or a DIY photoshopped image put together with the loading screen image and the other background image you had before the loading itself and other bugs (like missing recruited-units-voices).

If people are complaining so hard, it means there is an actual problem.
You have to understand that the backlash is well deserved.

P.S.: I can’t show you the black screens since my PC crashes so the only thing I can show you is the loading screen: _https://i.imgur.com/Mn4r4C3.png _https://i.imgur.com/ac8bwoT.png

You haven’t been able to run old BattleNet for years, even before the WC3R announcement. That’s why you used a third party server like W3Arena.

It’s like you guys didn’t actually play the game until just recently because you see your favorite esports personalities playing the games and you want to be one of the cool kids too.

You don’t have a phone… with a camera… that captures video? o.O

I have a mid-end computer and i have absolutely no FPS issues, i play Footmen Frenzy on a table 60 FPS.

I have been testing and playing offline mode for a few days now. What is it that you think doesn’t work regarding offline mode?

short version:


What i mean is just like classic, a single player button where you can create your custom games completely off and away from a connection.

absolutely nothing this guys says in the first minute of the game is true by my own experience over multiple machines. How can I take any of this seriously when it’s so easy to verify that it’s a lie?

Yes. I have been able to do this since day one. What is it that you are doing that leads you to believe that what you are saying is the truth?

but it is true for 99% of the playerbase. You most be the chosen one out of the ten thousands.

Why you ignore my list above? Nothing from that affect you huh? Cool, enjoy your game :).

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played until 28th of January and since 2003 I guess. I don’t know any esports personality and seems like you are the kid who doesn’t know how Warcraft 3 originally works.

Stop being the average mac user… it is annoying…
Don’t you have a cluster and a server at your disposal? o.O