What is the fun to play Human against Night elf?

What is the stage Human having advantage? Hard for Human to expand at early stage. Impossible to win at late stage.

The Moonwell of NE must be nerfed at current version. Which race has the ability to be healed instantly at T1? Either the Moonwell should be revised to heal progressively and can be broken, or it should have cool down time to heal another unit, or it can heal Heros solely. The current Moonwell is too imba

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I’ve had no issue rushing NEs due to their early creeping method. If you can catch them at their first creep camp before they finish it it can be devastating, especially if you can take out the ancient of war because they let it tank too much damage.

Also, moon wells were already nerfed in this latest patch- the mana generation rate was reduced, demon hunter was nerfed, warden was buffed.

Just look at the map pool: I am sure when you arrive, they already finish creep the first spot and you will get nothing there, since the IMBA standing tree + moonwill.

Then I guess all the people I catch out when hero rushing are just exceptionally bad or something. Becuase it works very, very often.

Moonwells have been in the game since the beginning, they are not “imba.” Especially not now since they’ve been nerfed, but I don’t think they were that much of an issue before.

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Moon well is already much stronger than patch 1.27. TOGETHER with much buffed archers/DH/Kotg

Uh, no, it’s not. Moon Wells were buffed some time ago, but they were nerfed just now, and I think they’re in a reasonable spot, considering they’re the only “defense” NE has at the rush stage.

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They are buffed combared to patch 1.27. And trees of NE can defend. It forces NE not to be too greedy at early stage. Fair trade

its really a poor defense. They die a lot easier when uprooted and move so slow that they don’t really matter. Uprooting your buildings other than to move them is usually a death sentence for them.

how easy the trees die? easier than peasants of Human?

uprooted trees lose their armor so they die very easily.

Not at early stage. And to defend tower rush you don’t need to root up trees. Sitting there is strong enough.

My wins where i killed the AoW they were creeping with say the early stage is very much not an exception.

It is normal because like in real life a peasant (with 1Axe) can chop a lot of trees/day and he even did not got hurt too much.
Game is fine like it is, I even want to buff little bit NE race!