What are your 3 favorite Warcraft 3 characters?


1 Jaina
and Arthas, Thrall, Sylvanas


Arthas, Arthas and Arthas.


Grom, Thrall, Cairne


Maiev, Sylvanas and Tyrande

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Also, Thrall, Grom and the Shadow Hunter


Arthas, Maiev and Lady Vashj.

I always think of Arthas that he’s very similar to the character Kerrigan from Starcraft, but at the same time they’re very different. One is a terrifying creature that wants to achieve anything by any means possible and the other one is a slave of his own darkness, which blinds him and keeps him from seeing the true self, the real Arthas, who is a light bringerer, and a Paladin.

In my opinion Arthas was becoming more of an “undead” way before he got the frostmourn. Him taking the frostmourn was only a shadow of what he really was. When selfishness entered his heart and instead of obeying his father’s commands, he chose to compete with Mal’ganis. I think that’s when the “good” Arthas was gone, when he disobeyed his father.

Gosh I love the pre-wow Warcraft lore.

Maiev is an interesting character. It started out as a normal warrior fighting for justice and ended up obsessed with capturing Illidan, and her inability to do so only made her even more vengeful. But perhaps vengeance is natural for her, perhaps it’s just the way wardens are.

And then the Siren. I like everything about her, both as a character and as a hero. I remember playing with her was really entertaining and the spells were really cool. It’s been a while since I last finished FT.

  1. Jaina Proudmoore
  2. Tyrande Whisperwind
  3. Sylvanas Windrunner


Fan art I made back in 2006 says it all


Arthas, straight up. Honestly Warcraft 3 is all about Arthas.

Shout-out to Thrall too for when Thrall was actually interesting and only semi-mary sueish.


Thrall, Grom and Rexxar


Gul’dan (even just his skull was in the game)^^


not only as Skull he show up in Maiev actiVISION .
this is why he have his unique model.



I wanna see his HD model.


Kael and Arthas before undead campaign. I always thought and still think that DK Arthas looks horrible. Maybe they’ll make him look cooler in reforged and maybe remove that horse because I don’t like it at all. I mean I know they won’t remove the horse but I think he’d look much better without it.


Although i used to play only humans and the “good guys”. Arthas as a Lich king is one of the most and better character ever create in Videogames History


In any order: Grom, Jaina and Kel’Thuzad.

Grom was just a badass and while headstrong and violent redeemed himself and saved his people from Manny’s curse.

Jaina was wise, intelligent, calm and always looking at the bigger picture. Not letting herself be prejudiced and never dismissing new ideas.

Kel’Thuzad was a master puppeteer and played idiot Arthas like a fiddle.
Didn’t hurt that he had the best voice actor in the entire franchise.

Honourable mention thus also goes to:
Arthas, a beautiful tragic hero and fool. Masterfully written, sympathetic and remarkably subtle descent into madness from his mostly justified purge of Stratholme to deny the scourge a massive army to craven traitor burning the ships in Northrend in his quest for revenge.

Super honourable mention goes to Ner’Zuhl who is a perfect mysterious villain that does not get enough credit as a dark looming threat and even enigmatic benefactor at times. Such as when Arthas is directed to help Illidan sabotage the invasion of Felwood.


Arthas: What the hell is that?

The most evil character in warcraft is disgusted by his own minions. He was just a human doing evil things before wearing the helm


Arthas: the most realistic character in a fictional universe IMO.
Maiev: does everything she can to catch Illidan.
Rexxar: great adventure overall.


Allen Adham Mike Morhaime


Thrall, Illidan and Kel’Thuzad

One good saviour, one bad, and Kel because without him there would be no storyline…