What are we actually getting with Reforged to justify a $30 price tag?

Does Reforged actually offer anything substantial to justify it’s cost?

The graphics SEEMS to be the only thing, but this is heavily being criticized due to it presenting a lack of readability in multiplayer games. It’s incredibly difficult telling units apart, especially in large battles. That’s an argument for another thread, though.

My main question is, what else do we get? We already know there’s no new major campaign changes coming (reverted), only new camera angles (yay?), so what does Reforged actually offer?

Here’s what we’re NOT getting:

  • No major campaign changes coming
  • No new sound, music*, or voice acting (*might be new, might be remastered?)
  • No altered/polished lore, no new units, etc
  • No UI changes; the one seen at Blizzcon was scrapped/pushed back
  • RoC no longer available, for those who preferred that

Here’s what we ARE getting:

  • Race-based MMR & FFA mode
  • New menu, but not 3D anymore, and no iconic Frozen Throne
  • BattleNet integration
  • Map Editor changes (handful of new functions, but UI still the same)
  • Balance changes

That’s it, I guess. Couldn’t Blizzard have just done most of that stuff without charging $30? Other companies have done similar things in the past, and Blizzard, a billion $ company, couldn’t afford to just update their game? You know, give it BattleNet integration, throw in some Map Editor changes, and add some Balance updates? Haven’t we been getting Balance updates for literally 15 years now? Why is that considered a “feature” of Reforged?

If I’m forgetting anything major, please add to the list.

Overall, though, I don’t see how this justifies a $30 cost anymore, given all of the scrapped plans/content. Clearly this has been a major Micro $ scheme by Activision, since Blizzard is Activision & China’s little slave. And given that the team behind it can’t even afford the courtesy of communicating with the community who have been earnestly trying to give feedback for a year, it’s obvious that no one at Blizz actually gives two sh*ts about this game.

It’s sad, given that this has been one of the greatest games of all times, and the community here is so passionate about it. There’s still a few Blizzdrones who will defend them even with all the evidence laid out by myself and others showing what a scam this project has been, that’s okay, it’s unfortunate but they’ll be satisfied with anything Blizz puts out these days.

I could end this post by saying I’m refunding the game and finished with this trash of a company, but I already claimed the rewards for the SoW edition, and I think I’ll stick around and watch this dumpster fire erupt even bigger if this game EVER comes out.

You know what’s really funny, though? Most of us on these forums, and others, have actually been paying attention to the news of this game, but we’re only 10% of the larger audience - wait until the masses finally get their hands on this game and realized there’s literally nothing new except for a coat of paint. I suspect they’ll figure out something is wrong when they get to The Culling map and realize it’s totally different than what they saw at Blizzcon and PAID for a product based on that presentation.

Can’t wait to see the forums erupt at that point. LOL.


Yeah man. Refund!


We get nothing, refund.


So sad. only way to go is refund.


Yeah that’s about it. Just a semi-well done HD overhaul. I payed 39.99$ on the whole Halo Master Chief collection on steam and that one pretty much does the same thing - a HD texture overhaul - but for like 6 games, not just one.


I am glad more and more people are starting to see the reality of this “Reforged”.


You missed the largest thing we are getting, a couple hundred new models unique for every mob and named NPC in the game. Not to mention skins, which I can only hope will go the Starcraft 2 route which in turn would be a MASSIVE boost for the e-sport scene

There’s also increased World Editor functionality with a few handy additions and new triggers

Honestly if you are a map maker or mostly play UMS (Which is almost everyone who ever plays the game) you are getting your worth out of these 30$. And if you are somehow still not satisfied, you do not even have to buy the remaster to enjoy it’s benefits - to some extent

You can still use your copy of classic, and play with the reforged players, the only problem is, most of the new maps will be very confusing for classic players who are going to be limited to the pathetic model variety of the original, while the map makes are not going to make their units visually distinct from one another - because they already are for the reforged players


There’s still a huge lot of them unique mobs and named NPCs not yet having their models

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why dont we talk it even more down so devs not even see a reason to release any of whats supposedly not coming after the official release … i mean instead to appreciate that they cut short content to get the time to release a decend game with less bugs than … trash game with all features u just can imagen and ah hole now campaign where simply isn’t anything working @ all

You even lost TFT you know. A lot of people don’t understand that if you want to keep two different launcher you better disinstal battle net app and never update him. Because when the game is released RoC and TFT launcher are merged with the reforged one on the App. So who buy reforged will have everything but who didn’t brought reforged still get all merged in the new app.

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Cancel pre-order? That is, deprive yourself of HD graphics, a new system of matchmaking, customs & etc.? Lol, OK.
It’s one thing to show that we all see and are unhappy. Another thing is to deprive yourself, in fact, of the legendary game, which developers will supporting in future.
This is one of (if not the only) chance for the resurrection of the RTS. Don’t be fools, Warcraft itself will still be cool.


They said the same about Overwatch, yet now they are releasing Overwatch 2, full price if you want that SP mode.

Blizzard lies.

Warcraft 3 is barely RTS by any metric. The rebirth of RTS is coming from Age of Empires, and perhaps Command and Conquer (which originally made RTS what it is), if EA does a proper modern Remake, rather than a cheap Remaster/Reforge.


+New Versions Of Heroes + New Voice Acting
+Hundreds Of Super High Quality Unit Textures And Animations
+Hundreds of high quality new textures for basically every object / doodad and environment in the game.
+Quality of life campaign improvements, level overhauls, and “lost” levels reimplemented and (probably) fleshed out

For a game I already love, this sounds pretty worth it, no?


Same heroes with same voices. Even the SoW skins use the base voices.

Animations are low quality, because it must fit the old models in the same engine.

They look like they belong on seperate games. Units do not fit the environment.

Only around 8 maps slightly changed, Campaigns will be exactly the same, no new voice acting or quests.


How did you connect this situation with what I wrote about?

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Any proofs about 8 maps? Why not 2, 5, 10? Why exactly 8? You have already written about this in another topic, so where are the proofs?


Do I need to remind you of how I proved you a full-blooded liar on another thread?

Warcraft 3 is the game that almost killed RTS as a whole, by birthing the MOBA. Warcraft 3 is the death of RTS, and a HD reskin will not save it, specially since the base game is already free in China, Warcraf 3’s biggest market. Why would anyone pay for a game, that is otherwise offered for free?
DOTA has the same issue, DOTA2, LOL, HotS, and myriad of other MOBAS are already free and get professional balance patches.


We already went through this, Grubby says 8 maps, straight from the horse’s mouth. You are simply a liar, and a deciever.
It will not save your precious abomination.


Sorry, I did not see your answer in that topic, for some reason the notification did not come. Take it easy.


Basically half of your responses are subjective. I think the animations are amazing with the constraints they had, and I think the models are incredible.

And they added in new versions of heroes with new VA (Demon Hunter, Death Knight) besides the new skins. New voice acting for (what i’ve found) 2 units, female satyr and female centaur, and I am sure there is more new new VA to come.

The blurb for the Reforged campaign says they are adding in “lost” missions, which I assume is missions that were cut or were not included originally, as well as many redesigned areas and “quality of life” improvements. That sounds pretty good to me.