We made it bros


I start to feel optimistic, I think the issue (if not fixed) was about to cause a lot of troubles. But many of us started to deal with with it in advance to minimise long range effects.


too poorly explained, i don’t even know what are you talking about.


We didnt minimise long rage effect, its almost 7 months with no sign of beta on the sight, ptr almost 1 month.
When you rage its good,it means you are angry on something which means you actually WANT SOMETHING.
When deep silence approach its not good, old community members who played or participate in HD mods are exosted and dissapointed and not anymore hyped for Reforged at all !
I am mad as fok, fak you and screew you blizz


Universe got poisoned by long range sins that people did ever since warcraft 3 was released. but prohecies of anciet protoss gave us path that we could follow to prevent the collapse of entire universe.


This thread is messed up


He’s feeling the unicorn right now. In another month he’ll be back to the doomsaying.


Maybe it was opposite? Doom was defeated to bring unicorns into world as we know it?
The anger is fluid.