We expect to patch aggressively

We expect people will use the forum search funtion.

Can someone link the quote that they will patch aggressively?

It was back in December; guess aggressive patching is poofing for 14 days right after a failed release.


These the same people that ask about the exact same Rexxar campaign bug in the bug reports forum in a new thread even though if you scrolled down you’d see at least 5 about it? Or that at least 20 had already been made?

You didn’t mind helping them though without a passive aggressive tone. :wink:

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Seeking support and tired gibes do indeed get handled differently.

madness btw 14 days :))) in dota 2 all will be fixed in 1 day


Since when is an outfit with multiple PATCHES a new trend? I must’ve missed it.

We expected a quality product to honor and continue the legacy of Warcraft 3 + TFT.

*edit: at launch, as other older products made by the old Blizzard we knew and loved.

yes and you want all physical copies of classic wc3 and frozen throne destroyed i have proof

What that tells me is that every time they fix a problem, they’ll send out a patch instead of sending out a once-per-season update with a billion fixes each.

Sounds reasonable given the number of critical things I hear are broken. I bought it, but haven’t tested it, so I can’t confirm, or deny what some forum people are saying.

I guess the answer is no. No one can actually link the blue post saying it will be patched aggressively.

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You were saying? took me 2 mins of googling tops


I was saying that I asked for the link. Congratulations on being the first person to actually provide it.

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Also seems like there was only 2 patches past that in the beta, and then the one we got with the blue post 10 or so days ago, so 3 patches in 2-3 months.

I wouldn’t say that’s aggressive patching.


hehehehehhehe “xD” good one

It is aggressive compared to WoW patches or HotS patches.

When Days Gone was released, that game was seeing multi-gigabyte patches very frequently in the first 2 weeks. And those devs released new, streaming content to keep the game fresh after the main game is complete.

Meanwhile, small, indie dev Bli$$ard can’t even fix a few bugs and push out a patch asap. Are there even any developers working on this game, or were they all sacked to pay for JAB’s 5th Lamborghini?

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I didn’t even realize how this was worded til now lol. Yep they got us. They’re pros at legal jargon now - and careful not to make too many promises. All that damage control over the years has made them pros lol

Yep. They are too aggressive at patching

Yep. They are too aggressive at patching

They are Futterwacken Vigorously. (corrected for context.)

Sorry had to !!