We can’t play reign of chaos multiplayer since 05/22/2019 !
There are no way to play reign of chaos. Please fix the problem.


There is a way to play reign of chaos… follow this path:

-uninstall windows 10
-uninstall battle. net app
-burn ur hdd that may have still left some infection of the virus
-never connect to internet aka skynet
-buy sealed copy of reingh of chaos from the black market or anywhere

then the hardest part:
-create ur own server platform that connects players via lan,
-install that and reingh of chaos from the original cd
-dont ever connect to internet aka skynet to patch ur game.

problem sölved.


I think RoC is blizzard’s ugly baby and they’re trying to find a dumpster to throw it away. It’s a game nested inside another game, which means “twice” more work for the reforged team to patch and fix everything, but for 5% of the wc3 players. If blizzard was any smart they’d announce reforged with a token ““expansion”” while saying “oh, btw we’ll only have bnet support for the latest expansion, tft and roc are gonna have to switch” and scrape all the old stuff out. But they didn’t and it’s kind of a douchebag move to just let roc die like this.


Play Frozen Throne


It’s not unheard of.

Sometime around or after the 3rd expac for SC2 was released, the ability to play multiplayer on the 1st and 2nd expacs was removed.


Honestly RoC is just campaign now.

Multiplayer should be moved to TFT.

And work should be focused on RoC campaign only.

But TFT focus should be everything else.


That would kill WC3. Reforged is not must buy. What you’re suggesting would be.

On the topic, I really hope this is not the end of RoC. Would be shocking and disgusting.

I have never known. I’m looking it up, and it actually happened in late 2017, a year after LotV’s release, along with SC2’s going f2p.


If ROC is indeed dropped, I’m done with this game, and I’m sure many others who have played RoC for almost TWENTY YEARS will feel the same.
Many many people prefer RoC over TFT, which is a flighty esport wannabe.
You destroy your base game at your peril, Blizz, Warcraft 3 is one of the only things you haven’t messed up, and you’re doing it right now.


Same was true for SC2. Some left, some adapted, some only played custom games. And it survived.

It is. It’s official.


How about, we shift from TFT into a new expansion? Your understanding of this game is unheard off. Please leave, and never return.


Has it? I mean, pre-LotV? Nice to hear. But we don’t have RoC custom maps, afaik. And they’re clunky to use.

Let’s all shift to a different game such as… umm… StarCraft Zwei!

What a brand new idea! Worked in the past. Flawlessly. /s


AT, ROC, Custom games, world editor are all dead.
Enlist all the remaining TFT players to beta test a years’ worth of random balance changes.
Blizzard used to be about polish and respecting its playerbase. Now they have deleted the one game upon which all of Blizzard rested on. Reign of Chaos,
Sorry, this is a bridge tooo far, and I can’t stomach wacthing how this develops.
I’m out, knowing that Activision finally killed my game after almost 20 years.


Yeah suck it Brood War/Diablo 2/World of Warcraft/Overwatch/Starcraft 2/Hearthstone.


It’s not necessary to be rude to the dead.


RoC has very different gameplay from TFT and its ladder shouldn’t be shutdown.


Very sad to see ROC has been turned off. I still play ROC and never really got into TFT. Did the campaign but i preferred the online play of ROC.
Hopefully they turn it back on?

Will Reforged include ROC multiplayer? Or is it just TFT?


reign of chaos can still be played against the AI. in starcraft 2 however, it is possible to play multiplayer with both wings of liberty and heart of the swarm, though not ranked. if you choose melee, you can select what expansion to use.


This isn’t a problem, it was intentional.