WC3 Reforged Suggestion


Hey, I love Warcraft III, most fun RTS there is to me, the hero mechanic is really interesting and adds a lot of depths to the game on top of units variety.

I loved what Blizzard pulled out with Co-op missions and commander in Starcraft II. And I thought to myself it would be awesome to see a co-op happening as well on War III: Reforged. With heroes at the reign of customs armies,

Therefore this is my suggestion: Add Co-op to War III: Reforged!


as long as it’s not pvp i’m okay with it.





They’re talking about a Commander mode like in Starcraft 2, not the campaign.


there was also archon mode which had it’s own ladder in sc2…but the armies are not big enough for that imo


There was either an interview or a news thing that mentioned the devs having no plans for co-op and such.