WC 1 & 2 later?


I think it would be neat if Reforged could also be expanded to include the WC1 and WC2 campaigns in the same engine as a DLC.
Get all the campaigns on the same fidelity.


this has been brought up 1000s of times and its very easy to search for the answer

back in 2016 blizzard looked into remastering wc1 but realized it wasnt worth it because wc1 just isnt a good game by any standards

wc2 doesnt need to be remastered because its artstyle is perfect as is, and you can play it online through gog just fine, but aside from multiplayer wc2 campaign is pretty boring

the only thing that would be cool is having the wc2 unit and character models imported into the wc3 map editor similar to how the wc3 units were added to sc2, that way fans can create their own unique campaigns based on wc2


i agree that they should add the warcraft 1 and warcraft 2 campaigns. that might better tell the story of those games.


I’d prefer to see new units and buildings based on both Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 added to the editor.

We need to stop showing War2 favoritism.


they can add warcraft 1 and warcraft 2 units and buildings if they add the campaigns from those games. the would need to add blackrock spire and stormwind keep, along with nation of azeroth units. all warcraft 1 buildings would fit on the warcraft 3 build menu. warcraft 2 buildings would require the addition of advanced construction.


They don’t need to make the campaigns at all, just the units and buildings. The mod community can make the campaigns themselves using those assets.

You strike me as someone who doesn’t actually know how the World Editor works.


you are very wrong about that. i have used it a lot and even managed to create a victory trigger. i have created multiple custom factions and custom resource systems. i tried the warcraft 1 campaign created by the community and it does not cut it. i would rather have campaigns created by blizzard.


but it wont happen though, blizzard already confirmed they have no desire to remaster wc1, that’s why they put it out on gog with a small patch to improve stability on modern operating systems


Then get the games off GOG.

I’d rather see them just make the heroes, units, and buildings and make them available so we can use them in Warcraft 3 style gameplay, and so I can use them in machinima.


Even so they’ve both gotten a wide-screen compatable “HD” re-release.
Edit: Though to be clear, that doesn’t mean I want them ‘ported’, they controls are too different to reasonably mod in.
Just buy the battlechest on GOG. (or download the fan-made WC1+2 custom campaigns)


I would love to see WC2 boats be available in the WC3 editor.


After seeing all these wonderful models…

I’ve changed my mind.

I DO want to see WC1 and 2 remade.


i will love to see the story of WC1&2 in WC3 in the future.

and because WC2 have naval combat that will give us new experiance but tbh making all the races and story will need so much work so let see what Reforged gonna do and if it will e huge succes we can expect things like that in the future.


I would love to see this. It would be THE official WC1 and WC2 stories that are retold and perhaps retconned.

I would want the campaign to act much like the Warcraft 3 style with its mechanics such as Heroes. Modders can make the classic style for us instead.


Nacho, you realize these games were already “ruined” right? There are novelizations of them that the modern Warcraft canon runs with. 2002 was Last Guardian which dealt with a lot of the First War. 2007 was Tides of Darkness. 2009 was Beyond the Dark Portal.

You’re a little late to “you’re gonna ruin the game”, partner.