WASD Movement, save-states, inventories

Who would want to see WASD movement enabled for RPG type games?

Also increased inventory space, like 30 spaces, and character save states
that can go between maps (so that players arent bound to a single game “version”)

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WASD is already in some games, but it has to be trigger-coded and can be slow.

Increased inventories is already in a lot of games. Check Profligacy RPG, or Dark Invasion II.

I’d like the save states like how SC2 handles it, but honestly it copying the code to custom text files works just about as well.

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I assumed that you are meant for Founding of Durotar, the only official Warcraft 3 game that focus heavily on RPG elements. You focus and control heroes instead in the RTS style. However, the campaign itself features multiple heroes and units controls. Having a WASD movement couldn’t work well.

Even many custom games that also focus on hero RPG genre still used the same RTS style. Because:

  1. Targeting abilities
  2. Micro-managing skill
  3. Multiple heroes, important player units’ control (such as summons, units that must be protected, etc)
  4. This is how W3 players play the game over the decade
  5. Coding a fluent WASD movement is almost impossible (PS: W3 is a RTS game)

Still, there is one race map called Azeroth Grand Prix, an official bonus map, features WASD control. If you played it long enough, you can see the limitation and why it isn’t used on custom maps that you said.

About the inventory, what many custom maps and campaigns did was simply add another hero that is invisible. It might sounds silly (and confusing to new player), but it really works out well. Another solution is having quality vs quantity: Item merging, which also done by many custom maps. But this, is not gonna happen on melee games. Otherwise you will see new dramas.

Save states just as mentioned, the text copy paste.

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I think you guys missed the point… Yeah, they are doable even now, but they are behind some hard tricks and require a lot of playing around, when they could be implemented quite easily, if Blizzard simply coded them straight into the game engine. Like they could just give arrow keys additional hot keys. I don’t believe that would be very hard to make, if done on the base code level (I mean, there’s hardly any lag when using the arrow keys, why couldn’t they change those to WASD keys as well?).

About the inventory:

They said they are looking into the option to easily increase the inventory size, so it’s likely happening. :+1:t3:

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Likely coming. Although it will have latency due to the synchronization model.

Bound to a single game version? Please elaborate.

Map developers can already use TriggerHappy’s file IO based save/load system which is cross map compatible like traditional save/load text based code.

I assume he means that if you’re playing say, version 1.98, and the map maker makes version 1.99, the saves are compatible with each other. A SC2’like server-side save would need to be able to utilize this function to be useful to the Wc3 community.

As far as I am aware this is already the case for TriggerHappy’s file IO based save/load system.