Warden: Shadow Strike - Another BUG instance

So, I already reported that “Shadow strike”'s initial damage doesn’t deal damage to Orc’s Spirit Walker in “Astral form”, only “Shadow strike”'s damage over time is working properly inthis case.

Now, I found a new one. Also vs Orc. Just the case is Hero Blademaster. When he gets hit with Warden’s “Shadow strike”, everything work just fine. But when he is hit with “Shadow strike” and damage over time starts ticking and hurting him, cancels all consumables like Healing Salve and Clarity if cast,
But if he cast on himself Healing Salve and Clarity, and enters into the “Wind Walk” right away, “Shadow strike”'s damage over time doesn’t cancel his consumables for some reason and he just gets healed while “Shadow strike” ticks his head.

This is actually opposite of game mechanics, the both Spirit Walker and Blademaster cases. I am sad. I hope developers see this report, and fix these issues, and probably other ones too considering “Shadow stirke” vs other units/races, which I maybe did not notice while playing.

Cheer developers, God bless you or whoever you believe in. Hehe