Warcraft IV confirmed


it still sells. Sc2 sold millions of copies, and would have made more money if they actually had microtransactions out when the game came out instead of 7 years later. A hero-based RTS would fit with microtransactions even more.

Blizzard is literally the only company who can make RTS work. Warcraft is a massive title thanks to it’s old RTS fans, the movie fans, and the WoW fans.

If they want to be really cheap, just release the RTS using SC2’s engine with small tweaks, it’ll be a lot less expensive than making a completely new engine.


Warcraft Mobile will be the first announced at Blizzcon instead of Warcraft IV.


Warcraft 4 is a nonsense waiting if anything Blizzard will make WoW 2


They can do it on Hots if they go cheap. That game will not have future with decisions they made. And by cheap i dont talk about game may look cheap cause of that, its just easier and cost less

I already said they can use that platform, they can litterally merge wc4 with hots as a official blizz popular maps.

However community custom map system should be integrated in warcraft 4, similar what we see now.

Dota 2 did this trick long ago , so if you wanna play custom games other than official dota you need download dota2 workshop tools as a seperate download.

Here, it would happen opposite, you would have seperate download for old HOTS (as official blizz warcraft universe maps) and warcraft 4. Just using same platform and making it synchronized to be runned as a “same game”

Ofc that warcraft 4 would have its own and different assets.

So with that = you dont kill an old game totally, and yet you give a chance to a new one which is far far better.


Oh, hello Kantarion. It could be really cool if you will be right, but my hopes are weak.


RTS game


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Well one of the people at Blizzard actually said they were using reforged to gauge the interesting in a WC4. It might happen - depending on whether reforged does well enough. That’s different from it definitely will or won’t though.


Thing is the hype won’t be like they expected for sure, yes we die hard fans and some of WoW base will try Reforged but it is unrealistic to expect it to be a ‘test ground’ for Warcraft 4, I’m pretty sure if the announcement was WC 4 kinda whole gaming world would be talking about it, I’lld still want WC 3 remaster more than a 4th game but I mean WC 4 sales and preorders would outnumber Reforged 1 to 10 atleast, that’s why I think that sales and preorders made now will not make Blizzard think ‘Hey it is a nice time for WC 4’.


Possibly, possibly. If nothing else I at least get to see my old world ed maps in much prettier graphics :slight_smile:


you won’t, you should accept current wc3 as it is now, unless you are a melee only player, the core map making community isn’t going to spend a metric boat load of time to recreate everything they already have for Reforged.

telling this to everyone now,

Reforged for campaign and melee

classic graphics for custom games

the end.

also wc4 will never be a financial success because the current gaming industry can’t care less about an RTS not when games like overwatch sell 30 million copies or the recent call of duty making over 500 million $ and it was said it underpreformed heh welp some broken expectations these companies have, wc3 is only alive because the fans and the map makers kept it alive.

you make wc4. you just split the playerbase in 2 and destroyed the map making community because the new engine will be too hard for people to actually deem worthy to create maps on.

Wc3 reforged despite of all the recent issues and problems is a love letter from blizzard to it’s small and loyal fanbase. which is rare to happen in these days.

and also another expansion for the game is much more reasonable then a new game.

the face of warcraft is mostly remembered by wow, and it’s a sad fact everyone has to live with.


… they don’t need to mostly. While the auto-converter thing can’t handle everything my understanding is that it will be able to handle a lot. Like maybe if you have custom made assets you’d have to make it new for the new engine.

I spent a lot of time making custom maps. I’ll certainly test them in the new engine to see how they fair but I highly doubt I’ll have to remake it all…


The Recreation i speak of is one of models/icons and similar things.

what i meant by that statement is if Reforged comes out, i’m not going to look or even get into the idea of getting new shiny models and icons and making a version of my map with those.

so what’s mostly going to happen is people should not expect to play existing maps in wc3 RF and think map makers will go through the fuss of getting every model they have in their map and looking around in someway to recreate them just for the visuals.

i know i’d put a small text in my map description saying: “This map is meant to be played with classic graphics” and just let people have at it.


lol at this rate i dont even know if blizzard will last until 2021. theyre gunna need to make some serious adjustments and back peddle a lot to start making money again.


Blizz will be consumpted and another company will rmk Warcraft 4.
We will have it until 2025-2026. Stay tuned


It will be Mobile only too


Probably you’ll have only Human and Orc then you will unlock other races with DLC’s 20 dolars each


this thread is becoming salty.


Warcraft 4: Reign of Salt


“7.8 too much salt”