WarCraft III Reforged - Save games won't Load/continue

I just purchased and installed WarCraft III Reforged. Started a single player game last night, saved a couple times and see the saves; however, when I click to load it just sits there. Shows at the bottom right the game loaded, but it goes right back to the same menu where I chose to load a saved game with the banner blowing in the wind. I have since started a couple more single player games, saved them and tried reloading. No dice… None of the save games will load.

This function has been broken since patch 1.33. You need to play each mission all the way though. Do not use mid-mission saves.

The stability of the game is reduced ever since Patch 1.33 released on August 17th, 2022. If you pirate last year’s version of Reforged, more of these functions would work properly. [Edit: I do not endorse piracy as shown here Stop Activision from Encouraging Piracy]

In addition, the World Editor stability is particularly bad after the patch on this new update, according to a ton of posts on the forums.

The issues will not be fixed, since the team working on this game was laid off.

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