Warcraft III: Reforged PTR - Version 1.35.0

I’m really happy for custom campaigns being finally reinstituted.

But those balance changes are so random. Couldn’t we all agree for once that human is definitely the weakest race at the moment? And if so, couldn’t you, for once, adopt an approach to try to not nerf it? If just for scientific purposes? To see how the power balance shifts, and then, perhaps, proceed to do tweaks and adjustments?

I’m far from being an expert on this matter, so I’m not going to write about specific issues and changes. But i just can’t wrap my head around what was the thought process behind those changes to tanks. Please, stop. They are already dead.


Pls also fix the profile stats bug.
I played on the PTR and then switched to normal server again.
The Region has automatically changed to US and i played some games on it.
When i checked my profile i saw that i only have few games on it so i switched back to the EU server but my profile stats still only shows the few games i played on the US server instead the few thousand i played on EU


Thank you for this update <3 what a comeback and a suprise <3

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This was a built-in feature that Blizzard broke and has yet to fix. W3Champions was able to fix it for their ladder…

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What a pleasant surprise!


Something needs to be done about Human early game. Orc and UD have a speed buff that allows them to steamroll Paladin Rifles with ease.

Maybe give Humans a speed scroll just like Orc?

выглядит как говно


Buff Firelord pls! Or make a brand new hero pls!


Siege Engine have become completely useless. It loses 1 vs 1 spell breaker.


You are not understand this game. Who are you to criticize this genius game. This patch become war3 to crap. Some hipsters ruin the game with illogical balance changes…


Beserkers are back to original costs. Trolls are updated in price but not beserkers for Orc.


Siege engines after barrage upgrade goes back to original attack/armour.


Amazing patch. (NO!)


again a very useless Patch.
the most important bug in the game still remains and is not even mentioned
disappointing once again
#fix BUG: Preload files are being cache’d - #32 by Martin-2255


None of this matters without a working ladder that can record wins and losses properly.


Here are some of my first thoughts; Overall I rate this a 7 out of 10 patch.

I hope the talon crowform change, doesnt make it through, same as this nonesenseicall change to circlets. Tranquillity nerf is probably not enough, since it is the only REAL out of combat ultimate. The nerf to hardend skin is literally what I wanted to see all years, but it might still be not enough.

anyway, speaking of items again; leave the circlets as it is, its a good item and thats it. nobody needs this nonesense “Oh yeah I could to this hehe-stats trick mid fight” since you have mostly much more important things to do, but I can understand the argumentation of players, saying, it was too strong, since a circlet gives basically a levelup in terms of stats. so level 3 hero with 3 circlets becomes roughly a level 5-6 hero, statswise, but anyway, I think the change with the toggle is kinda nonesense.

Make it like this: circlets stay the same, ring +3 is good, gauntled is good same as mantle and the new’ish cloak. now if gloves of haste, get the true 15% attackspeed, instead of the 11% that it actually provides, wand of manastealing is overtuned imo now, so 60 points of mana stolen might be enough. periapt of vitality is probably the worst of all drops by now, so removing it completly might be the correct idea (for 1on1s), since if you compare it with all the other items, especially with ring of regen, it kinda fells of heavly. maybe someday pendanty of mana and energy need a further nerf, but imo with what I wrote down, we are close to perfection, in terms of item drops.

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Please, do not add the W3Champions MODDED MAPS… This could be THE biggest mistake since Reforged…

The Champions team has edited the 2v2/4v4 maps and removed/blocked Islands/Cliffs to prevent certain tactics being used on those maps (Such as having towers on the islands/cliffs…) This goes against what the original Blizzard team wanted, the game to be played in as many different ways as possible.

Solo is fine, but DO NOT add the 2v2/4v4 MAPS… Or if you do make sure the ISLANDS/CLIFFS ARE BUILDABLE AND NOT BLOCKED!

  • Added informational prompt to show users where to install campaign files to.

In non-english, many text are missing and that info is not available either. Where should we put custom campaign files?

Feedback for balance changes.

Don’t see the need in the Tavern Revive change. Does tavern bring any imbalanced right now? No. Increasing tavern hero revival cost nudges hero kill play.


  • Positive about: blacksmith, peasant/militia, control magic, polymorph, AM ultimate, critter changes.
  • Spell breakers with control magic moved to T3 should get +1 armor back, taken away in the previous patch. Also, research duration of control magic upgrade then can be reduced from 45 to 30 seconds.
  • Polymorph duration with 200 mana cost can be reduced from 60 to 45 seconds.
  • The siege engine rework is questionable. I rather see them kept as they are now, with the barrage level issue fixed.
  • Holy Light buff is very strong. Mortar Team buff is fine.
  • Reducing Siphon Mana drain from 15/30/45 to 15/25/40 (or even 15/25/35) is ok, but no need to increase mana cost from 10 to 20. At the same time mana cost for Banish can be reduced from 75/60/50 to 70/60/50.
  • Suggested change to add: decrease T2 and T3 upgrades’s cost by 10 lumber. This will slightly help with HU lumber deficit.


  • Positive about witch doctor and endurance aura changes (though, matching it with the current unholy aura 10-17.5-25 would be also enough).
  • Headhunters nerf is too much, they will be out of play. I believe, simply -1 base attack or -25 range would be enough.
  • I’d rather keep BM’s mirror image initial design with no damage, but reduce mana cost by 5, from 80 to 75.
  • Brute Strength buff is too strong; would rather see only +25 hp or -25 lumber cost from 50/150 to 50/125 as was suggested by some pro-players.
  • Suggested change to add: decrease spirit walker’s build time from 38 seconds to 35.

Night Elf

  • Positive about: tranquility, entangle and starfall changes. To me 120 sec cooldown is too short, would keep it 180 sec or at least 150 sec. Also reducing duration of the ultimate from 45 to 30 sec could be a good idea.
  • Positive about Mountain Giant changes, but reducing Hardened Skin from 12 to 8 could be a bit too much, while reducing from 12 to 10 seems reasonable.
  • Not sure about ultravision. Entangle nerf together with ultravision nerf could be a bit too much. With ultravision moved to T2, NE won’t be able to use ultravision during the first night. This way we are taking away one of the main features of the race from NEs.
  • Immolation changes are too powerful. I don’t think there is a need to increase its damage, decreasing mana cost should be enough. I’d suggest to reduce mana drain from 7 to 6 per second, and also reduce very high activation cost from 25 to 10 mana (possible even 0), requiring 25 mana pool to be able to activate.
  • Thorn’s Aura buff is way over the line, better not be implemented. Maybe 15/25/35 would be a safer choice to go with. Still, it is a pity that aura nudges range army gameplay, working against only melee units.
  • The druid of talon rework is questionable. If this change will be implemented, night elf will get three air units with piecing damage (hippogryph riders, crows, faeries). Please don’t make this rework to crows. A possible (tiny) buff to increase crows’ use in the game could be reducing the mana cost for Crow Form from 50 to 25 (to match Bear Form mana cost). And moving the Mark of the Talon upgrade to T2 requiring only Adept Training. Mark of the Talon and Mark of the Claw upgrade costs could be reduced from 25/100 to 25/75 or 50/50.
  • Suggested change to add: revert the faerie dragon mana flare buff from 4 to 3 mana and limit the damage back from 100 to 90.


  • Positive about disease cloud and obsidian statue changes.
  • Unholy Aura change is significant nerf, could be postponed.
  • Ghoul Frenzy upgrade is not necessary with the current ghoul build. The power spike at T3 will be huge. For ghouls, I’d only recommend to reduce the research time for Cannibalize from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • I would postpone changes to the Anti-Magic Shell. Animate Dead needs to be tested.
  • Suggested changes to add: fix Gargoyle’s prioritize command;
    Lich. Reduce stats (Strength/Agility/Intelligence) bonus from 2/1/3.4 to 2/1/3 per level. This will match with all heroes +6 stats bonus per level “rule”. Lich’s +4 intelligence on level 4 is a bit too much. As a compensation, the Death and Decay mana cost can be reduced from 250 to 200 mana together with making it last 30 second like all other ultimates. It is by far the most expensive ultimate in the game.
    Dreadlord. Change the Sleep mana cost from 80/65/50 to 75/65/55 and make Sleep instantaneously kill illusions like hex does.
    – Reduce Creature Carapace (armor) upgrade lumber cost by 25 on each level.
    – Reduce the cost of the Boneyard from 175/200 to 150/200 and the Freezing Breath cost from 150/275 to 150/250. Add Frost Attack icon to frost wyrms.


  • Positive about: wand of illusion change.
  • Even though I am ok with the remaining changes to items, after some thought, I’d rather keep wand of mana, circlet, and movement speed auras unchanged. Sorry.
  • Suggested change to add: Change the claws +9 to claws +8 and reduce the cost of periapt of vitality from 325 to 300 gold to match with the cost of other level 3 permanent items.

Neutral heroes.

  • Suggested changes to add:
    Naga Sea Witch. Reduce Mana Shield activation cost from 25 to 10 (or even 0).
    Firelord. Increase Soul Burn damage from 5/11.11/17 to 6/12/18 per second. Decrease Volcano mana cost from 200 to 150.

This is really really really bad. None of these changes make sense and you’re doing nothing to address the imbalances in the game. You’re just adding more nonsense to make it worse. Elf is way too op and you buff ud while nerfing human?

Game breaking changes. You guys are awful.