Warcraft III: Reforged PTR Patch Notes - Version 1.32.9

Everyone suggesting clap be nerfed again. What do you expect Human to do about beetles and against Orc? Orc have their counter; it’s called stomp and purge and ensnare. Learn how to play the game. So many of the ideas are just stupid.

As an Undead player, I think cannibalize will be too good. I’m interested to see how it turns out, but my suggestion would be to just make it 50 gold and/or decrease the research time.

Beetles also have too much HP. I think 300/450 would be good numbers for lvl 2/3.

The wisp nerf is also too drastic. The easy route is to make it like 40/45, but I think you should decrease the aoe range of the detonate to reward good micro.

I have some crazy ideas, too. If the Frost Wyrm doesn’t see increased play, then maybe remove the need to build a sacrificial pit? You can revert the cost back to the original.

The other is to make the Dreadlord an intelligence hero or increase his int by 1.


After testing, the Gryphon Rider buffs are too much. 260 Gold for a Flying Unit with 975, 50 splash damage is simply too strong. Make it 275 or 270, but not 260 gold.


My five cents would be: please make changes to the game that are incremental.

(1) Wisp nerf is very drastic. Reducing mana drain to at least 40 could be the first step.

(2) Changes to air are also over the limits. Can we start with smaller changes?

(3) Ghouls’ cannibalize for free is a bit too much (though I’d love to see that). Reducing research time from 30 to 20 sec (in line with Sentinel upgrade) could be a start.

(4) Same thing applies to the Tome of Retraining, should we go with 250 gold first?

(5) If Sorceress’s slow gets a nerf, tauren’s (orc) aura could also match DK’s (undead) aura and give 10/17.5/25 speed increase.

(6) Can we settle with beetles’ hp somewhere in the middle, like 300/450? Can we extend burrow upgrade to level 1 beetles as well, since it was moved to T2 (in line with treants upgrade)? Thx.

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You should implement adding shades to Boneyard or temple and just get rid of sacrificial pit it’s such a useless building players literally only get it to get to wyrms and that’s even if they can in solo…


the detonate nerf is still too much.



Once again, thank you all of the amazing feedback you’ve given to us through this PTR. The online posts, streams, and videos have been extremely helpful.

In today’s new PTR build, we’re making a few adjustments to specifically help the Human vs. Undead matchup. We’re also reverting all previous changes to promote late game air.

Although we want to increase the viability of all units, we feel with the current scope, it would be too risky to release these changes into the live environment. We hope to revisit this after the current meta has settled down with the existing changes planned.

Please remember these changes are a work in progress and subject to change. And again, thank you for your continued feedback!

-The Warcraft 3 Team

October 13 PTR Changes


  • Mountain King Thunderclap Damage Cap removed and damage reduced from 60/115/160 to 60/100/145.
    • Developers’ notes: While the damage cap of Thunderclap sounded good, we have seen counter-intuitive play happening, such as mitigating the Mountain King’s damage by surrounding him with more than 8 units. This indirectly increased mass ghouls and skeleton strategies, which was undesired. Damage caps can also lead to player frustration.
  • Castle research gold cost reduced from 360 to 320.
    • Developers’ notes: The goal here is increase the incentives of human to go to Castle as well as promote some 1 base options.


  • Crypt Lord Level 2 and Level 3 Carrion Beetles hit points reduced from 330/490 to 300/440.
    • Developers’ notes: The increased HP on Carrion Beetles were warranted due to their reduced movement speed, as well as their new requirement on burrow. However, we felt the current HP was too high and have reduced the amount of HP increased.
  • Ghouls & Abomination Cannibalize now requires research again.
  • Cannibalize moved to Necropolis.
    • Developers’ notes: We decided to move Cannibalize to the Necropolis, which could promote variety in opening Undead builds, while still giving a player a choice on what they want to invest into.
  • Gargoyle prioritize now will no longer stop the unit when activating.
    • Added Status Icon.
  • Skeleton Warrior & Skeleton Mage Level changed from 1 to 2 (Experienced bounty increased from 12 to 20).
    • Developers’ notes: This will increase skeleton experience from 12 to 20, and while this will apply to all matchups, this should specifically help UD vs Human skeleton harass.


  • Pitlord Level 1 Rain of fire range reduced from 800 to 700.
    • Developers’ notes: This change is specifically targeting the Undead Pitlord push against Human.
  • Pandaren Brewmaster Breath of Fire damage cap removed, and Breath of Fire initial damage per level reduced.
    • Damage reduced from 65/125/170 to 60/100/140.
    • Breath of Fire reduced DoT per level.
    • Damage reduced from 7/14/21 to 7/12/18.
    • Developers’ notes: While evaluating the damage cap on Thunderclap, we also saw the inconsistency that damage caps cause, so we felt this necessary.


  • Wand of the Wind Cyclone cooldown removed, and Charges reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Developers’ notes: Reverting the cooldown and reducing the charges helps solve the original issue of the Wand being able to take a specific hero out of the fight for an extended period of time.

Reverted Changes

  • Gryphon Riders build time reverted from 40 to 45 seconds, and Gold cost reverted from 260 to 280.
  • Wind Rider Gold cost reverted from 245 to 265.
  • Frost Wyrm build time reverted from 60 to 65 seconds, and gold cost reverted from to 355 to 385.
  • Chimera build time reverted from 55 to 60.
    • Developers’ notes: We will potentially revisit all of the above at a later date.
  • Scout Tower / Guard Tower / Cannon Tower / Arcane Tower repair time reverted back up 5 seconds.
    • Developers’ notes: We decided to revert this change with concern for potential tower rush strategies re-emerging.

where is this patch notes?

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Would be nice to get in gameplay constants an option to be able to enable or not (per map) air unit collision, it was removed altogether on patch 1.10 but It’d be nice to test how would air units balancing change with this on, especially on 2v2-3v3-4v4s where air units are spammed more.

At least for custom maps and possibly test.

Nerf disease cloud(duration) or make it possible to dispel it.

-Ping issues


are u guys trolling us?
a ‘‘decent’’ patch from days ago to a terrible one now.
wtf is this skeleton exp?!
i can see u guys are back to normal! GJ


The experience value of Skeleton Warrior & Skeleton Mage has been adjusted to 20, which is ridiculous! Will affect all the confrontations of the undead…
The suggested adjustment to 15 may be more reasonable


This is a massive nerf to UD vs Human. THIS IS WAY TOO MUCH. And its the wrong nerf. Do not touch Skeleton exp gain! It will also break the UD vs Elf and UD vs Orc matchup completely. Elf might get keeper level 2 and 3 earlier. UD will never be able to go on the map because Entangle level 2 is unlocked earlier from more exp. DH gets mana burn level 2 earlier. Orc gets Wolves level 2 earlier. Or Wind Walk 2 earlier.

Good job blizzard, the Skeleton exp nerf alone will break all UD matchups completely. And make Necromancers unusable. You could have just done changes to Skeleton stats, or Rod of Necromancy. This is the worst change you have ever done.

At this point its not even worth it to harass Human anymore, its also harder given more HP on peasants. UD needs to kill atleast 2 peasants on the Human expo to stay even. However UD already loses many more skeletons compared to Peasants. Human will get their 2nd base up easier, have higher level on heroes and faster t3. Human t3 vs UD is very strong. Human vs UD is on the cusp of being Human favoured. Because as soon as HU heroes Mountain King and Paladin reach level 3, UD cannot keep up anymore.

Human has Holy Light, Bolt, 3 times Staff of Preservation, reduces all UD healing by 30% on one unit. Tier 3 with Knights/Gyros and inner fire is also incredibly strong. Lategame Human is much stronger than lategame UD, but only if Human is able to get Paladin and MK to high level. With this change, this will be more common. Instead, the power level should be more even throuought the game. I like the change to rain of fire. This is what you should strive for. It reduces the power spike from UD and their t3 push.

The exp change now makes it so no one will ever want to use Necromancers ever again. They are already a terribly designed unit. Its incentivized to mass the unit and stay in base to gather mana, then go for one all-or nothing push. If the push fails, your opponent gets hundreds of free exp. UD heroes like DK and Lich scale very poorly past level 5 because their ults are useless. Animate Dead is still useless and no one chooses it. Death and Decay is useless aswell. Because workers can just repair against it and being a % base damage, it does almost nothing to workers. Instead, it should atleast deal a minimum 30 damage or so, to prevent your opponent from countering your level 6 ability by clicking repair.
Other race have actual powerful ultimate abilities. UD never wants to go against higher level heroes, it just doesn’t work.

I said it atleast 10 times now. Give us a proper Necromancer rework. Cripple first, make it into a good spell with low mana cost (not like 80 mana last time). Unholy Frenzy 2nd or 3rd. Raise Skeleton 2nd or 3rd spell. But change Skeletons summon from Necromancers. Give them more HP. Reduce their numbers. Make them cost a lot of mana, but have much higher stats. That means less cluttering units on screen. Easier to control and fight against. Less vulnerable to mass dispel. Much higher attack and HP make Skeletons and actual threat, which they are not right now. The only thing thats threatening about Necro push are the meat wagons which eventually destroy buildings.

This, along with HP buff to peasants is a major buff to Human in the early game that will ALWAYS snowball into mid to lategame. Now the Archmage will always be able to push with level 3, level 2 Water Elementals + Footmen into the UD base while building up their economy. Only the best of the best UD never lose Acolytes to this push. If Human manages to kill even 1 acolyte during UD tech, the game is basically over for UD.

UD is forced to fast tech to t3 every single game, against every race. Because their t2 is weak and has no dispel. So why does UD not get any options to play t2? Instead, you just make it even easier for Human to go t3. And Human t3 is one very powerful. Not just in HU vs UD, but also in HU vs Elf. Mass Inner Fire + Mortars is a pain to deal with as Elf and HU is already favoured in this matchup. You just made going t3 even easier for HU, this is the wrong choice.

Cannibalize change will change nothing. No one is going to build Ghouls over Fiends because they are trash. Even with t3 frenzy they are a joke.

Give Ghouls more base HP and more armor. I suggest +20 HP and +2 armor Increase Gold cost. Give them an upgrade on t2 so they can get up to 400 HP. With 400 HP and 2 armor and the current stats, now this unit is worth using and does not immediately die to any level 3 hero or a 50 supply army shift+ clicking through your Ghouls. Also having armor will make healing more useful, like vampiric aura. Even with unholy and vampiric aura, Ghouls are trash and will never be useful in their current iteration.

Reverting flying unit changes make sense, however you should have left the changes to Frost Wyrms. These units are not used at all. And removing the sacrificial pit requirement is LONG OVERDUE. There is no reason to ever make this unit against Orc because Batriders hardcounter them. Same against Human because Human has best anti- air units in the game. These counters need to be toned down so Frost Wyrms can be used.

Revert Skeleton exp change, change something else instead. Rework Necromancers finally. This change will also kill off any Necromancer builds, which was already a poorly designed unit to begin with. Buff Ghouls, by adding HP and armor. Add HP upgrade on t2. Don’t buff Human t3 because it will make an already tough matchup for Elf a nightmare. They already got huge Wisp nerfs. Remove sacrificial pit requirement of Wyrms.

You should strive for more unit diversity in the game. This patch is going to reduce unit diversity for UD even more by making Necromancers completely useless and Wyrms are still useless against 3/4 races. Ghouls will never be used because of low HP and armor.


yeah this is terrible were is the ladder


Wc3 champions is a ladder

Great Patch! other than the skeleton Exp

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GOOD PATCH! I like it!

Keep up the good work!

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I don’t like the new patch changes.

(1) Reverted changes for air units, HU tower repair, and cannibalize make sense.

(2) I disagree with changes to skeletons’ xp (please don’t do that!), Pitlord, and Panda. I’d rather not touch them in this patch.

Necrowagons strategy is rare and once the first attack is deflected, opponents’ heroes already have overwhelming levels. Now, you want it to nerf it even more?

HU vs UD is the only match up where the Rain of Fire is actually used. This ability has friendly fire and requires skill to use, that is why, this nerf to PL is not good.

(3) If you want to nerf MK’s damage, nerf it slightly: from 60/115/160 to 60/110/150.

(4) The move of Cannibalize to Necropolis is a bit weird. You will have to research it before T2 upgrade or much later. I’d rather see its research time reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.

(5) I like the previous change to the Wand of the Wind (5+ sec delay) much better.

(6) Since burrow upgrade was moved to T2, can you give burrow to Level 1 beetles as well? (similar to treants and nature’s blessing)

P.S. HU vs UD match-up isn’t that bad. Buffs to peasants, riflemen, castle, and nerfs to DK and CL are enough for the upcoming patch. Increasing skellies xp bounty is not a good idea at all.


Nightelf pros are already winning more than half of all asian t1 & t2 tournaments. I think there is no need to buff any of their units whatsoever.

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Skeleton warrior FROM ROD OF NECROMANCY should give 20 exp, Skeletons from necromancers summon skill is fine

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A wall of text and everything is about to make nightelve utterly overpowered.
I can’t even read everything because it is so damn laughable.
I dont know what is up in your head, if you just want to see Foggy win even more, if you are such a bad player, that you want others to solve your problems, if its just trolling, or whatever the reason the is, but your nightelve propaganda became annoying to me in the last few days and if your goal and approach isn’t fairness for everyone and every race, then it is about time, that you reconsider alot of things. You are totaly and absolute exaggerating in every of your points.