Warcraft III: Reforged PTR Patch Notes - Version 1.32.9

Okay Prizrak, I got your point. To summarize: buff every NE’s unit, nerf other races (the more the better). Sounds like a plan :)))

One more feature that will be very useful to add in the next patch:

When you play random, you start the game without even a second knowing your race. It would nice to have your (random) race to be displayed to you when the map is loading. For example, in SC2 there is a countdown and a random player has a very brief moment to set his/her mind for the race to be played. Same information can be displayed in 2v2 , 4v4, AT, RT with random players.

In all seriousness… why the f*** aren’t the player profiles and custom campaigns on the PTR yet? Like seriously quit trickling down these unimportant little art tweaks and focus on the stuff everyone’s been hounding you for since you TOOK IT AWAY FROM THE CUSTOMER.

I get it you wanted to update the systems, I really do. But you done gone and f***ed up. Should have shipped the game with the old systems that were at least working and then replaced them when you were ready instead of releasing half the game (which was already half of what you originally got us hyped up about).

Sorry. I don’t mean to be a d***. But I’ve been a fan of Blizzard ever since I started WoW in the early days of vanilla. Then during Wrath I discovered Warcraft III and fell in love with it. Granted by then the game was mostly done getting updates. I remember getting into the WoW Classic beta during Blizzcon and running around Westfall trying to remember how I had everything set up back before things started getting more streamlined. Someone in chat mentioned Warcraft III Reforged and I’m like “Wait… is this a remaster??” and went to look it up. All the original promotional stuff for Reforged was EXACTLY what I had been wishing for ever since I first got it during the days of Wrath. And then… there was months of silence. When that stopped and we slowly started getting some updates to the progress, we were told most of the actual “reforging” that we got all excited about was scrapped. The starcraft II like cutscenes were gone. The new campaign with more Jaina and Sylvanas were gone. Hell, the campaign hero skins in melee which you advertised like a month before release still aren’t in there. And on top of that you cut the profiles and custom campaigns that were already a working part of the game.

Ok, you put the full prologue campaign back together, that’s actually quite nice. And you updated a handful of maps and made some nice tech tree alterations to Warcraft 2 horde groups in some of them. But really, the best part of Reforged is the new models and you guys didn’t even make them.

I’m sorry if I seem hostile and angry. For the most part I have loved this company and the games it has made for a very long time. But the way Warcraft 3 Reforged has been handled… It’s like I trusted you with my sick pet and you gave me back a brain dead amputee. You broke my heart with this game and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

You could have made this game so amazing and given it such a fantastic comeback but you chose to take the lazy way out. I understand you thought the majority of players were “purists” who didn’t want the big changes like new campaign or increased selection size or stuff like that. But considering the backlash this game has gotten since release it would be nice to hear that you are at least considering patching in all the stuff you originally advertised for this remaster and then canceled. Maybe even make them options that can be turned on of off so that way everyone is happy and can play how they want.

But you haven’t said anything like that. You say custom campaigns are coming back, but we haven’t seen ANYthing on that. You have shown us your work on player profiles, yet PTR is… footprints and glowing cigars.

I’m going to stop here. I hope you guys see this. I hope you understand this is not a lengthy angry rant and is instead proof that you’ve hurt people passionate about your product.

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Do yourself a favor and dont ever talk about balancing, please.

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Balance elf.
Night elves against the all Human.

  1. Elves don’t get a second hero, which would be as effective as the second character hums. But this can be said about any elven match-up. Previously, the luit for the elves was dragged by a Panda, but now this hero is much weaker compared to the luit game-carry of other races-TS, MK and Lich.

Possible solution: just bring back the old Panda:

Breath of Fire: Buff Level 1 Breath of Fire raise max damage from 480 to 520.
Buff Level 2 Breath of Fire raise max damage from 720 to 1000.
Buff Level 3 Breath of Fire raise max damage from 1080 to 1360.
Buff Breath of Fire mana cost increased from 70 to 75 for all levels.
Range Increase from 375 to 475
Reduce the cost of wine vapors from 70 to 60.
Increase the chance of evading given by a passive ability from 7/14/21 to 9/18/27

  1. The humans have a lot of strong units to choose from, and the elf has only two units that work really well-archers and mountain giants. And the longer the game goes on, the tougher the units of the human counter everything that the elf has. Bears, chimeras, dragons, or dryads – to all this, hooman has a simple answer. Most of all, the elven troops get from sorceresses and their slowing down. They work especially well against bears, which are supposed to be the main “technology” of the elf in the later stages. But slowing down works too well. When an elf has everything in slow motion, it is much easier for a human to control the course of the battle and get the most out of his army.

Their possible solutions:

  1. Increase the initial amount of mana for bear druids by 35 units and Druid of the Claw caster upgrade times reduced to 15 seconds and 25 seconds respectively, down from 25 seconds and 35 seconds… Of all shooting ranges-3 melee units, bears have always had the most useful functions. They have rejuvenation and roar spells, and this sets them apart from other similar units of other races. If you work a little with their mana control, you can emphasize their “niche” and simplify their use in battle, also give the bears +4 attacks so this will be 29-44 and HP from 960 to 1000.

  2. To reduce the effectiveness of the deceleration from 60% to 50% at Sorceress
    Invisibility reducing time in invisibility from 120 to 60

  3. Mk there is no limit on the amount of damage for a clap, and this is a problem. The recent increase in cooldown from 6 to 7 is not a good enough nerf. But if you limit the effect to a certain number of units, it will help a lot (for example, the “fan” Warden such a restriction is 4-5-5).
    Siege Engine supply cost increased from 4 to 5-6.

So now about elf vs all race
Elf race in night time from 0,5 to +1.0 hp per second. Hide fade duration from 1.5 to 1s. Buff hp for wisps from 120 to 150 hp and hp regen to 2.5 per second. Also if u want nerf wisp mana lose to heroes so i think 40 will be good because if u nerf to 25 or 30 or 35 so how we can plays against all races? No way. Also change please gold cost with 60 to 50.

The next units Glaive Thrower: Buff hp from 300 to 360 like mortar team because this unit has the lowest hit points of all siege weapons in the game among all races and back attack Glaive Thrower damage increased from 36 - 53 to 51- 68

The next units archer: buff hp from 260 to 270-275. Because at the beginning of the game these units are very weak they are even weaker than the same footmans so it would not be bad to add a few hit points to them.

The next units Dryads: Rework. Dryads HP from 435 to 485 and Abolish Magic damage against summoned units 300. Main mana 250 and mana regeneration: 0.95 . Because the elves absolutely do not have enough dispel mana and damage for dispel also the dryads themselves as units are very weak so it would not hurt to add a little hit points. Especially after the nerf wisps. Return reduce the experience gain from Dryads from Level 3 (60xp) to Level 2 (40 xp).

The next units Druid of the Talon: Rework Druid of the Talon please a little bit buff hp and spells for this units Faerie fire, cyclone and buff mana for this units. Also guys back fortified on t3 for orc because orc have Reinforced Defenses(fortified) and Spiked Barricades(fortified) on T2 it’s too much for one race. Or make it so that they can upgrade it as a fortification for hums on buildings depending on which T1 or T2 or T3 the Orc has.

The next units, the Faerie Dragon i think needed rework buff this unit because long time this no nerf buffed. Maybe buff mana flare, attack and hp for this units.

The next unit Mountain Giant: Rework Mountain giants so that they can’t be eaten by kodo before the Devour can target Mountain Giants without Resistant Skin and Mountain Giant supply reduced from 7 to 6 and cargo size reduced from 4 to 2 and return: Hardened Skin Reduces all attacks on the Mountain Giant by 15. Taunt cooldown return from 16 to 15 seconds.

The Next units: Just bring back old Chimera’s. Chimaera’s half damage splash radius decreased Increase from 100 to 125 and back for Chimeras movement speed increase from 250 to 270 like frost wyrms. Buff Chimera’s hit point Increase from 1000 to 1200-1250. Because this units cant air attack how frost wyrms, Dragonhawk Rider, Gryphon Rider, Wind Rider, Destroyer on t3.

Now about heroes. Please buff all heroes for Night Elf because all NE heroes absolutely weak than heroes of other races.
Demon Hunter is main hero by Night Elfs players , like the undead DK/Lich. Hum has MK AM or like the orcs warrior Far Seer, BladeMaster. So the Demon Hunter needs you should buff manaburn depending on how much you nerf wisps, so how much u nerf wisps the same amount buff manaburn, if on -10 the buff manaburn on +10 on all lvls 60/110/160 and just bring back for Demon Hunter base Agility increased from 21 to 22 and base armor from 4 to 5 and buff evasion to 15/25/35% also Immolation :15 cast requirements, Immolation damage 15/20/25 per second,and to activate it you need 25 mana, and mana drained 5 per second. Metamorphosis duration from 45 to 60 and Metamorphosis cooldown reduce from 180 to 120. Because this is the only tank hero of the elves it is also the main late hero so to speak the main carry hero of the elves.

Rework Potm. Maybe scout on all lvls buff, small buffs and base attack cooldown reduced from 2.33 to 2.20 and Starfall cooldown reduced from 180 to 120 and range on searing arrows on 3 lvl, so 600-700-800.

Now about Keeper of the Grove. Buff Keeper of the Grove base Intelligence from 18 to 20 and Entangling Roots cast range on 700 with 2 lvl so 600-700-800 and Thorns AuraReflects of melee damage and make it so that the aura of retribution (KotG) would return not only the damage received in melee, but also the damage from ranged attacks. Keeper of the Grove Night vision radius return from 800 to 900 , treants base attack from 14 to 17-19

Warden agility from 20 to 22 and intelligence from 16 to 18 and unit crap 4\5\6. Because this hero has 4 used spells so I think it will not hurt to give him a little intelligence and agility and also that this hero survives at the end of the game.

Now about the buildings: Free of lifes I looked at all the main buildings of other races Town Hall Great Hall and Necropolis have 1500 hp so I think we should also give Free of Lifes also 1500 hp, also i think needed Tree of Life build time is reduced to 110 seconds from 120 seconds and buff Nature’s Blessing Armor Bonus: 3 for Ancient Protectors, 6 for others. The elven tree of life has the smallest hit points of all the main buildings in the game and also the elven buildings at the beginning of the game have less armor than other races so it would not be bad to equalize the hit points and give some armor buffs nature’s blessing.

The next build Ancient of War Hit Points from 900 to 1000 and base attack increases from 36 to 44 because players for elves use them mostly from the beginning of the game for creeping.

So now about nerf
Nerf MK clap dmg or cd more nerf idk but this too nerfed.
To reduce the effectiveness of the deceleration from 60% to 50% at Sorceress
Invisibility reducing time in invisibility from 120 to 60
3) Mk there is no limit on the amount of damage for a clap, and this is a problem. The recent increase in cooldown from 6 to 7 is not a good enough nerf. But if you limit the effect to a certain number of units, it will help a lot (for example, the “fan” Warden such a restriction is 4-5-5). Also nerf bash because this hero have huge chance on bash heroes or units 20/30/40% + Gives a chance that an attack will do 25 bonus damage and stun his opponent for 2 seconds. So nerf this bash please. Will be good nerf 10/20/30 15 bonus damage and 1 second stun.
Siege Engine supply cost increased from 4 to 5-6.

So now undead: Needed nerf all heroes at ud because in every game 3 undead heroes played vs all army with heroes vs opponents and also acolyte remove 1 armor to 0 and attack from 9-10 to 7-8 that units or workers at acolyte guys from Blizzard or what is this? Nerf acolyte movement speed reduced from 235 to 220. Nerf hp regen for acolyte on blight from 4 to 2 in per second this imbalance guys.
So also nerf DL damage and mana by carrion swarm, Vampiric aura and sleep mana cost also Lich nerf (nova, slow) because this hero have so many spells nerf slow at this hero and frost armor: frost armor 3/5/7 this so huge guys for 1 hero because every game all races plays vs 3 undead heroes so for what for undead army? Also nerf Crypt Lord and nerf Carrion Beetles nerf speed for this summons. Also nerf DK unholy aura on lvl3. So also nerf Necromancer and nerf Ice tower zikkurat and necropolis nerubian ice and remove armor for zikkurats from 5 to 3 maybe idk and gold cost for necropolis from 225 to 260. Also nerf Sacrificial Skull do it cold cost big from 50 to 80-90 idk and Rod of Necromancy Skeleton Warrior Hit Points decreased from 180 to 160 please because for human so hard defend in base or on expand. Also nerf Obsidian Statue hp and mana regen because how they hp regen and mana regen so big.

So now about orc needed more nerf stomp at Tauren Chieftain because 1s cd was no good needed more nerf cd or damage idk but nerf this. Yes thank you nerf stomp vs heroes but also need nerf stomp vs units. Also guys back fortified on t3 because orc have Reinforced Defenses and Spiked Barricades on T2 it’s too much for one race. So back fortified on t3 or how like hum upgrade buildings with this similar will be good. Also nerf speed scroll maybe gold cost or time for another time buy it. Nerf troll berserkers because this units on buff so much. Nerf Serpent Ward on all lvls because they have so huge damage and hit points. Also reduce from raiders ensnare to 6 seconds because this spell no dispelling and 9s so huge. And i just dont understand for what was that nerf guys : Devour can target Mountain Giants without Resistant Skin. Because all elf platers 1) grade Resistant Skin 2) massed Mountain Giants, so i think needed delete this for Kodo beast.

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Dude, your suggestions are CRAZY and HUGE, and would break the game 100%, specially the orc vs ne would no longer be playable. So you basically want to buff ALL ne units…because?¿ not one or two units with some tweaks because some matchup has a 5% negative winning rate, NO, you want to buff them all and not even giving any valid reason.

Random ideas with some invalid points like flat comparing unit-to-unit. I wonder who is so mad to have liked your suggestion, no offense.



We would like to thank everyone for providing very valuable and passionate feedback. Going into the first iteration of the PTR, the Warcraft 3 team knew some of the balance changes may have been too extreme. However, we wanted to test the impact of the changes and gauge community feedback.

In today’s iteration of PTR, we’re scaling back on some of the changes, as well as including some additional changes that were highly requested. Please remember these changes are a work in progress and subject to change.

We plan to do one more balance pass before this patch goes live.



New PTR Update - October 6


Arcane Tower

  • Increase Summon damage reverted from 25 to 20.
    Developers’ notes: After careful observation and playtesting, we feel this change didn’t accomplish what we originally intended. We are reverting this change in favor of buffing peasant HP and increasing repair speed on towers slightly. See below for more info.


  • HP increased from 220 to 230.
    Developers’ notes: Increased HP should give peasants more survivability before an arcane tower can be built. We thank the community for this suggestion.

Scout Tower / Guard Tower / Cannon Tower / Arcane Tower

  • Reduce repair time by 5 seconds.
    Developers’ notes: A slight survivability increase to help humans mitigate certain mid game pushes

Spell Breaker

  • Armor reduced from 3 to 2.
    Developers’ notes: The goal here is to try to get away from the mass Spell breakers in Human Mirror.


  • Attack delay reduced from 1.4 to 1.35.
    Developers’ notes: With the additional changes to Human, we felt that this change needed to be reverted.

Mountain King

  • Thunder Clap now has a max damage cap of 8.
    *Developers’ notes: If there are more than 8 units within the aoe range, it’ll still damage all units but with a decreased damage on each unit. Custom Maps shouldn’t be affected by this change, but map makers can modify the new field in editor to change the maximum damage if they want. This feature has been requested for a while, and we’re thankful for your patience. We look forward to your feedback on the exact number here.


  • Slow Movement Speed reduced from 60% to 55%.
    Developers’ notes: A slight movement speed reduction of Slow. This is to improve the Orc vs. Human matchup and to slightly improve the Human vs. Night Elf match up to compensate for the lack of dispel.

Siege Engine

  • Tank experience bounty increased from 60 to 85.
    Developers’ notes: Recent changes to Undead repair rate could potentially increase the viability of Siege Engines, so we are increasing the experience bounty, which we feel is too low. We may also reduce the health in the future.

Gryphon Riders

  • Build time reduced from 45 to 40 seconds.
  • Gold cost reduced from 280 to 260.
    Developers’ notes: To promote usage of late game air, this applies to all races.

Great hall

  • Supply granted increased from 10 to 11.
    Developers’ notes: This should help provide an early scouting option for the Orc vs Night Elf matchup.

Tauren Chieftain

  • War Stomp stun duration against Heroes increased from 1.5/2/2.5 to 2/2.5/3 (2/3/4 originally)
  • Shockwave mana cost reduced from 100 to 90
    Developers’ notes: We have scaled back our changes to the War Stomp change and reduce Shockwave’s mana cost to 90 to make it a viable alternative.

Wind Rider

  • Gold cost reduced from 265 to 245.

Developer Notes: A slight cost reduction as wind riders are fragile and we could perhaps see most usage out of them at this cost.



  • Cast point time increased from 0.5 to 0.66 (0.83 originally).
    Developers’ notes: We liked the direction this was heading, as it improved response time for the destroyer when Devouring Magic. However, at 0.5 the ability was an almost an instant dispel. At 0.66 we have improved responsiveness without losing counter play.

Crypt Lord

  • Level 2 and Level 3 Carrion Beetles hit points increase from 275/410 to 330/490.
  • Movement speed reduced from 290 to 280 (all levels).
    Developers’ notes: After evaluating the recent changes, we felt the movement speed of the Carrion Beetles needed to be brought down slightly, but we’ve decided to compensate this with a HP increase. This should make it slightly harder for Carrion Beetles to get surrounds but should increase their viability in the later parts of the game in direct battles.

Death Knight

  • Unholy Aura movement speed changed from 10/15/30 to 10/17.5/25 (10/20/30 originally).
    Developers’ notes: Adjusting scaling to feel more appropriate. Level 1 remains unchanged.

Ghouls & Abominations

  • Cannibalize researched by default.
    Developers’ notes: This is an experimental change to see if this promotes more ghoul play and creates more variety of UD openers.


  • Now has a new toggle ability “Prioritize” which will allow the Gargoyle to Prioritize flying units over ground units.
    *Developers’ notes: Something that was requested by the community to improve the useability of this unit. When turned on the Gargoyle will prioritize air units over ground units but will still attack ground units if the player force attacks a unit.


  • Unholy Frenzy HP drain reduced from 3 to 2 HP/s.
    Developers’ notes: A minor change to try and promote Undead usage of support casters.

Spirit Tower / Nerubian Tower

  • Repair rate reduced from 60 to 45 (35 originally).
    Developers’ notes: There was a bit of confusion around this change. The repair rate is how long it takes for a building to be repaired, so the higher the number, the longer it takes. We original dialed it up to an extreme number to see how it would feel, but after numerous playtests, we’ve decided to settle it at 45. This is 5 less than an Orc burrow, and taking into consideration that there will usually be a maximum of 5 acolytes repairing it, we feel this makes the most sense.

Frost Wyrm

  • Buildtime reduced from 65 to 60 seconds.
  • Gold cost reduced from 385 to 355.
    Developers’ notes: To promote usage of late game air, this applies to all races.

Night Elf


  • Detonate mana drain increased from 25 to 35 (50 originally).
    Developers’ notes: We knew that reducing the mana drain on wisps to 25 may have been too extreme, but we wanted to see how it would feel. We have decided to increase the drain amount to 35 (from 50).


  • HP reduced from 260 to 250.
    Developers’ notes: This is a slight calibration on a past change to archers, since right now they are a little too durable, especially considering the Elune’s Grace passive ability.


  • Build time reduced from 60 to 55 seconds
    Developers’ notes: To promote usage of late game air, this applies to all races.


Tome of retraining

  • Cost reduced from 300 to 200.
    Developers’ notes: This is an experimental change, but we hope to encourage some new builds and potentially create more ability variety throughout the different phases of the game.

Wand of the Wind

  • Cooldown increased from 0 second to 5 seconds.
    Developers’ notes: The power to instantly Cyclone 3 units with 1 item was too much. The Cyclone ability now has a 5 second cooldown, so this change brings this item more in line with the ability itself.

Custom Games

  • Fixed a bug with custom units in Classic Mode that was causing shadows to not display.

Nice update, love the new gargoyle ability, also patch notes still missing that standard trees had custom models assigned to them fixed.


Great patch! looking forward to air being more viable :slight_smile:


Why are we buffing ud. This is just ridiculous


Cool update - good job making some more incremental changes!


This honestly looks like undead patch and back to the mass rifle push meta with undead winning everyone.

Elf just seems shafted this PTR. Anyways, as long as chim roost takes forever to build and takes significant chunk of wood on a race that has to deto its workers all day, there’s definitely going to be more frost wyrm games than chimera games in 1v1.

And honestly, I rather have 1 frost wyrm than 3 chimeras. The cost of chimera roost really needs a look over (and the long build times).

As for gargoyles, I guess they are now superior hippos. Can also creep/harass with them. Good stuffs. Lovely to know more gargoyle lame every other game.

Also, can elf actually have a dispel unit in this game? Why not give something like master’s training for dryads for spammable abolish or something. Every other race late game has essentially infinite mana to dispel. If you are going to nerf wisps, you need to buff a dispeller or you are going to ruin the Elf vs HU mu cause the mu already favors HU late game (once inner fire and knights come to the picture, it’s pretty much gg in a head on fight).


THANK YOU for finally giving gargoyles a “prioritize air” function.
I have been wanting this for almost 20 years but its finally here!

Also a big round of applause for implementing tweaks to underused stuff such as cannibalize, necromancers, frost wyrms (and other air units).

Personally i hope that these spell immune combat units (driad, destro, spellbreaker, faerie) will be tuned down a bit so that they are not such a safe choice to mass.
Spell immunity makes units very difficult to interact with and boring from the attackers and spectators view.

Also hoping that Ghoul Frenzy can be moved to tier 2 and perhaps reworked so that Ghouls can become a real melee unit (and the Dreadlord vampiric aura along with them).


Wow these changes are amazing! Looks like you really took in feedback from the community.

Gargoyle AI fix- FINALLY! This will be an absolute game changer for UD vs Elf matchup. Finally some nerfs to Clap and Breakers, this will help Orc vs HU matchup.

You toned down some of the heavy nerfs, exactly like the playerbase and community suggested.

I am looking forward to be playing with and against the new Ghouls and Abominations with cannibalize. I hope this will promote more usage out of them, however I believe with their low HP and armor, Ghouls will still not be useful in the current ranged meta and because of powercreep to heroes, summons and spells. Even with vampiric and unholy aura, Ghouls are still not good units because they die way too easily. If they had something like 400 HP and 2 armor instead, they would benefit from 1) Death coil level 2 having more value and 2) armor making all healing more valuable, so vampiric aura, unholy aura and scrolls of healing will be more valuable. However they should not start with 400 HP and 2 armor. Rather, they should gain stats from an upgrade. Ideally Ghouls need an upgrade similar to Brute Strength from Grunts, unlocked on t2 or t3. So they gain additional HP and armor to make up for powercreep and higher level heroes and focus fire. Increasing their gold cost by 5 or 10 would also be acceptable if they had more HP and armor.

Very nice of you to promote Frost Wyrms and Gryphon Riders. However why are Frost Wyrms still locked behind Sacrificial Pit? This building costs a ton of lumber. The opportunity cost to build the sacrificial pit AND the boneyard is simply too high to build Frost Wyrms. The Frost Breath upgrade remains useless. It needs some new features.

The Tank changes are great. No one likes mass tank games. Especially because Human can simply teleport them out with Staff of Sanctuary, which is incredibly annoying. Even though they are mechanical, the staff will heal this unit to full. I do not agree with this at all and I think this interaction should be removed.

Changes to wand of the wind, Archer nerfs, small Necromancer tweaks and reducing some of the proposed nerfs to stomp are a great choice. We hope that you continue to watch Necromancers and hopefully you have another rework in store this time. The current situation as a “summon bot” does not make for interesting games. While we have seen players win using this strategy, it often had the player gather up several necromancers in his base and waiting for them to gain mana. If Cripple was a base level spell and Raise Skeleton was unlocked after Apprentice upgrade, the Necromancer would have a good utility spell right away. You already tried this out in the last rework. This was a good move in my opinion, but you had to tweak the numbers further because Cripple cost too much mana given other races have lots of cheap dispel options. Hopefully in the future you will revisit Necromancers and Frost Wyrms after this patch.


It’s time to enjoy more of dreadlord expand ghoul/garg users with gargoyle right clicking wisps the entire game and never fighting head on.

Good stuffs.

Welcome to WC3 in which we encourage laming. I still don’t understand the purpose of chimeras in this game. Cost and timing of chim roost is quite unfathomable and I would rather take any other air unit in game when it comes to timing/cost in 1v1 games.

And thank god undead now has superior form of hippos (especially with unholy and coil nova). Cause why not.

Why not buff panda’s breath of fire then with more range (to actually hit an air unit in this game that moves like Ussain Bolt) and more units (cause it hits like nothing currently).
Where’s the counter to superior hippos? Do you just accept 45 minutes of detonating every wisp that gets right clicked in the tree line for a 20 second fight at end (that is hard to see cause screen is filled with air units) of gargoyles vs dryads?

Just a genuine question. Is there an actual way to protect wisps from being right clicked by air units in the tree line? I see players like Lawliet just detonating all game and making new wisps on top. Is this what blizzard wants?

Also, what is the purpose of talons in this game. Especially master form talons. It loses to essentially every air unit in game. It’s literally free experience tomes. Amazing unit. And the third upgrade from talons? Quite amazing. So amazing no one gets.


Im not 100% sure about all the changes since its so many but i must leave a quick support comment since it feels like you REALLY listened to the communitys feedback and reacted accordingly. THIS is a great direction guys!


For the first time since 2005, I want to stop playing Warcraft because of your patches, I have no patience for that.


-Proper Channels
-Ping issues(Sometimes hosts with 200+ping even tho EU player hosts)
-Disease cloud nerf
-Speed Scroll


Reduce the cap from 8 to 5. If mk can clap more than 5 units in the fight vs Orc the game is already over.


This modification is commendable, But i think:
1、Mountain King-Thunder Clap can be adjusted to 5-6 units, because when it can cause damage to 8 orc units, the game is over
2、After Gargoyle has the “Prioritize” skill, his anti-air damage can be appropriately reduced. Because it’s a bit tall now
3、Carrion Beetles level 2/3 HP+50 is too high, I think it should be 300/425 like this~ Because the HP of only one beetles should not be calculated, he can have 6 in total, each of which is +50HP, that is =+300HP. This is too exaggerated~