Warcraft III: Reforged PTR Patch Notes - Version 1.32.9

Warcraft III: Reforged PTR Patch Notes
Version 1.32.9


  • Added a glow effect to Engineer Gazlowe’s cigar in Reforged mode.
  • Filled in missing textures on the Pile of Junk doodad in Reforged mode.
  • Fixed an ordering issue with the Polar Furbolg Ursa Warrior’s armor in Reforged mode, so that it no longer sinks into his face.
  • Removed team color from the Blue Dragonspawn Warrior’s eyes in Reforged mode.
  • Filled in missing textures on the shoulderpads of the Blue Dragonspawn Warrior in Reforged mode.
  • Corrected animations for the facial hair for the Satyr and Lord Garithos during their talking animations in Reforged mode.
  • Adjusted the colors on mounted and unmounted Thrall so that they match in Reforged mode.
  • Added a glow effect to the eyes for the Faceless One Trickster and Wraith portraits in Reforged mode.
  • Added a glow effect to the eyes of the model and portrait for Salamander Hatchling in Reforged mode.
  • Adjusted facial animations for the Sea Giant in Reforged mode so they better match their vocalizations.
  • Resized footprints for Chicken critter so they better fit the model in Reforged mode.


  • Added a tooltip for the Soul Preservation buff used by Mal’Ganis.

Custom Games

  • Added tooltips for the Advanced Options in Custom Games.

Unit Balance


  • Arcane Tower – Increase Feedback +Summon damage from 20 to 25. Reduces shots to kill on:
    • Skeleton Warriors/Carrion Beetles lvl 1 from 7 to 6.
    • Carrion Beetles lvl 2 from 11 to 10.
    • Spirit Wolves lvl 1 from 9 to 8.
    • Spirit Wolves lvl 2 from 13 to 11.
    • Treant from 11 to 9.
    • Treant (with Nature’s Blessing) from 14 to 12.
    • Lava Spawn lvl 1 from 15 to 13.
      • Developers’ notes: This change should help Human deal with constant summon harass, which should in turn mitigate peasant losses.


  • Blademaster – Mirror Image mana cost decreased from 100 to 80.
    • Developers’ notes: We’re starting to see emerging gameplay from Orc players using Mirror Image with Lighting Shield, which is exciting, entertaining, and fits their faction theme. However, we noticed the main deterrent of this strategy is Mirror Image’s high mana cost. In addition to our wisp detonate change, we believe this should further promote the use of this skill.
  • Tauren Chieftain – War Stomp stun duration against heroes reduced from 2/3/4 to 1.5/2/2.5 seconds.
    • Developers’ notes: War Stomp is an extremely powerful skill that performs quite well against enemy forces, however, its hero stunlock potential needs to be reined in slightly.


  • Spirit Tower / Nerubian Tower – Repair rate increased from 35 to 60.
    • Developers’ notes: Recent changes have allowed Undead to expand more easily, so we feel that the repair rate of their towers should be brought inline with the other races.
  • Destroyer – Destroyer cast point time reduced from 0.83 to 0.5.
    • Developers’ notes: At 0.83 cast point, the Destroyer has a noticeable delay between casting its spells and when they go off, so we are reducing its cast point time to the same value as other spell casters.
  • Crypt Lord – Burrow ability for Carrion Beetle levels 2 and 3 require the Burrow upgrade.
    • Developers’ notes: We believe that the Burrow ability for Level 2 Carrion Beetles provides too much flexibility early in the game, so we are going to require Burrow to be researched before Carrion Beetles can use the ability. However, we will continue to closely monitor the Crypt Lord usage and evaluate if further changes are needed.
  • Death Knight – Unholy Aura level 2 movement speed reduced from 20% movement to 15%.
    • Developers’ notes: The Death Knight has been the staple premier hero for Undead for a very long time. After numerous buffs to other parts of the Undead arsenal, the Death Knight remains supreme. We’ve noticed that once the Death Knight reaches Unholy Aura level 2, they are able to take fights they wouldn’t
      normally be able to, due to their increase mobility and kiting potential.

Night Elf

  • Wisp – Mana drained on detonate reduced from 50 to 25.
    • Developers’ notes: Detonate has become too powerful, especially against Orc due to their lack of mana regeneration options for their casters.
  • Druid of the Claw (Bear Form) – base damage increased from 24 to 25.
    • Developers’ notes: Night Elf has recently been heavily reliant on tier 1 units, so we are hoping the Wisp Detonate change along with slightly buffing the damage of Druid of the Claw (Bear Form) should promote more strategic variety.
  • Chimaera – Friendly Fire removed.
    • Developers’ notes: Between the Frost Wyrm, Gryphon Rider and the Chimaera, only the Chimaera does friendly fire. We feel this is an unnecessary component of the unit.


  • Helm of Valor, Medallion of Courage, Hood of Cunning – stat increase changed from +4 to +5 for each stat provided.
    • Developers’ notes: These items were underpowered compared to the other items available in the same tier, so we’re increasing the stats they provide.
  • Claws of Attack +6 – replaced with Claws of Attack +5.
    • Developers’ notes: Often seen as the best item in its tier among the community, we are replacing this item to reduce issues with obtaining the item early.


  • Removed Ring of Protection +2 and added Ring of Protection +3 to the loot table for the Ogre camps on Furbolg Mountain.
  • Adjusted terrain so units can no longer reach unintended places on Concealed Hill.


  • Fixed an issue with the SetMapMusic function that was preventing playlists from playing music.
  • Fixed an issue with the function for setting player names that was preventing those name changes from applying properly in game.
  • Disabling Use Fixed Random Seed now properly randomizes the seed.

Please note: These PTR Patch Notes are a work in progress and may be updated with further changes before the release of Patch 1.32.9.


Nothing to see here. Move along.


Fixed an issue with the SetMapMusic function that was preventing playlists from playing music.

Thank you so much guys!

(Updated my thread to remove the bug that has been fixed)

Also when I tried in singleplayer the setname stuff was working fine, but it wasn’t on multiplayer, that’s why I didn’t add it cause I thought it was an error by the map maker, I guess it was related to battlenet names? in any case, I’m glad that was fixed as well


As a mapmaker, I think it would be EXTREMELY useful to have some tools to debug desyncs. Either that or add in reconnect functionality. @Kaivax any chance you can consider this? I really want to get back into map making but desyncs are killing my motivation. Desyncs occur frequently on large custom maps with lots of players. Are desyncs still something your team is looking into?

I’ve been waiting for some meaningful improvements to desyncs forever, I’ve sent an email a long time ago and no response. I’ve tried making a forum post, contacting hiveworkshop blizzard employee, nothing seems to work. I’m just looking for some communication if this is something you can look into. My last hope is posting in the patch notes section. Is there anyone at all that can reply? I really do miss working on my map :confused:


worthless …


Art? Yet you guys still didn’t update poor Grommash’s jaw tattoo. He still got 3 stripes younger version tattoo instead of fully covered tribals on his entire lower jaw.

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another worthless patch…
where are the balance changes?


the fact that you improve at disappointing us month after month is very impressive!


WOW I can’t wait to test that new +3 ring of protection on Furbolg Mountain. I guess the ladder, profiles and everything else will come soon. Its only been 8 months since release anyway. Some day I know I will (not) get the full version of wc3 that i bought back in 2003. (with ladder, profiles and all the features)… Some day… …


Most important change 1.32.9 patch


Yes it sums up well the patch :smiley:

And ‘Play NewTournament’ sound trigger still doesn’t work.

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And people still defend this drivel?!

These patch notes don’t address any critical concerns whatsoever!


When you guys start writing patch notes, do you always try to find the absolute stupidest update to lead with? Congrats, you found one even better than 2 patches in a row of footprints.

The sad thing is I’m not any more excited about any of the other updates than I am about this one.

Stop working on worthless updates - give us something meaty like ladder or just stop breaking old replays with your “patches” !


calm down, they are working on a major non bug fix only patch, it’s 1.33 but it isn’t done, it’ll come with basically every major missing feature from TFT

Tabbing out while on the Main Menu or Loading still causes in-game sound/music to disable and be bugged, but I guess we fixed footprints, so thats nice

As a gamer I’m disappointed in this game. As an investor I’m disappointed in this game. As both, please fire everyone associated with WC3 Unforged.


even hots patch are prettier


Does anyone else feel like Reforged is one big joke and the devs are just going along with the joke? Like come on. “Resized Chicken footprints”. That is an obvious “fu ActiBlizzard”. As was the “Blizzard has left the game” that was hardcoded when Reforged was released.


By the amount of comments of this thread, we can clearly see that the game is dead and every day less people plays it.

Blizzjoke has killed Warcraft legacy, its time for us to let this go.

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