Warcraft III: Reforged PTR Patch Notes - Version 1.32.6

we are talking reforged but anyone playing on new graphics? xD

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Dude, I’d like to hear your opinon about the whole magic immunity-topic.
Is it like: “No, it is so fundamental, that we can not conserding changeing it” or is it more like: “We do believe that this mechanic is outdated and we think about it.” ?

Very cool changes and everything.

But can we talk about those Lady Vash footprints again… I’m not satisfied.

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Dear Blizzard you head in the right direction. You still need to adress the problem with POTM - she has still a very weak ultimate and is one of the weakest heros in the game if not the weakest. I think rework searing arrow or replace it with another spell (maybe heal or aoe damage) and owl rework will do the job. And immolation on DH needs a small buff too.
Mass teleport could get a longer cd its just to spamable. Tanks needs better anti air range but reduced siege damage to make them less anoying vs buildings and better in fights.

THANK YOU. Finally a bit of fresh air after all this looong silence. Balance changes are delicate and requiere a very dedicated and professional team which keeps up with the meta. Most of these balance changes look interesting and based on good reasons. So congrats and thanks again.

where is ladder?

please make gargoyles prioritize air targets when attack moving…

This is a good start. Well done


Great changes imo.

While using classic graphics, there is an issue where every so often health bars disappear during the Terror of the Tides campaign.

Map makers should have access to Furion’s removed models.

Toggle option to use Blizzcon UI.

Add back custom campaigns.

Release art tools so people can make custom models for Reforged that match its style. This feature could be tied to purchasing Reforged.

air units in general should prioritize targets within their attack range instead of prioritizing units that can attack them. Its such a huge issue with gargs, fairy dragons and other short range air units that whenever they pick their own targets, they will dive deep into an enemy army and expose themselves. Its completely suicidal behavior that occurs any time you’re not manually forcing their movement/attacks.

air units will always try to attack ground to air units, which are the worst possible targets for them to trade hits with. Riflemen, fiends, headhunters, archers etc shred air units, yet your air units will fly right over their melee units / casters / siege / etc and engage their medium armor ranged units because their threat priority is on units that can attack air.

so unless you’re manually overriding the autoattack behavior, your air flies right into the middle of teamfights in 4v4 games, into the center of concaves, where it dies instantly to enemy ranged units. Instead of attacking the units actually vulnerable to them, or staying at maximum range to take advantage of their flying reach. Having 12 gargs kite around the edges of a fight picking off units is actually pretty nice, while having 12 gargs fly into a pack of headhunters is feeding xp.

you are one to talk about skill, mr.undead player. Your race is insultingly imbalanced. Nova/coil takes 0 skill and needs to be nerfed

I would like to see a fire lord buffs enough for him to be picked as a second hero for soul burn and incinerate rather then just summons.

Nice buffs to Crypt Lord. Can we get some more buffs to paladin as well? Higher base str and attack speed perhaps?

Well then give bears +2 attacks and +40 HP the next units are archers + 20 HP and +10 speed
dryads + 50 HP and 1 armor
The next unit is Glaive Thrower I believe that they are very much cut they are not particularly used except in the mirror and it depends on the cards so give ti buff + 50 HP raise the armor +3 give them speed + 50
Faerie Dragon give them + 30 HP and attack + 10-15
Return to the giants so that they could not eat kodoi before the grade on magic resist.
Now about heroes Demon hunter this basic hero as have undead dk lich have hum am MK Pala or as have orcs blademaster Far Seer TC so that Demon Hunter need a small buff vvide mana burn 60/110/160 and evasion 15%/25%/35% and immolation mana cost 15 and have under this 30 mana to be able to activate it also give. Also please make the Panda more adequate return him breath of fire a little more damage and on drunken haze and misses and crit a little buff because we are elves does not take except the mirror from the tavern of heroes so we either take the alchemist or the Panda mostly.

We are poised to strike!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the PTR! In the coming week, we will be closing the PTR and patching the live game. Based on feedback given during the PTR (as well as some of our own observations), we’re making the following additional changes:

Crypt Lord

  • Unit cast point increased from 0.4 to 0.5.
  • Carrion Beetles ability cooldown increased from 6 seconds to 9 seconds.
    • Additional developers’ notes: There is some concern that Crypt Lords may be able to reach maximum beetle count a little too quickly, especially during combat. We’re increasing the cooldown of the ability to slow this down a bit. The new Impale is also now so responsive that it can be difficult to discern when the ability actually casts. Increasing the casting point makes the ability fire roughly when the Crypt Lord’s talons hit the ground. Additionally, for high-micro players who enjoy mindtricks, this allows more time to try and ‘false’ cast the ability though a Stop command mid animation.

Pendant of Energy

  • Mana provided decreased from 150 to 100.
    • Additional developers’ notes: Alongside the Greater Mana Potion, the Pendant of Energy often gets feedback that it provides too much mana for where the item shows up on the item drop table. With feedback regarding the Greater Mana Potion change being favorable, we feel that we can also address this item by reducing the mana provided.

Breath of Frost

  • Size and shape of the ability altered to match Breath of Fire.
    • Additional developers’ notes: This ability is solely used by the Blue Dragonspawn Overseer. In the past, this ability’s visual looked like a cone, just like Breath of Fire, but was actually using the size and shape of Shockwave. This has now been adjusted to use the same size and shape as Breath of Fire.

Breath of Fire (Brewmaster)

  • Starting projectile size increased from 120 to 125 at level 2, matches level 1 and 3 starting size.
    • Additional developers’ notes: This legacy bug has not caused any observable issues, however we wanted to clean up the discrepancy between levels.

We’re editing the PTR Patch Notes to reflect the above adjustments, and again, THANK YOU!

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thanks for the updates but i just dont understand why you haven’t redacted the rifle nerf. So you want humans to tower up every game? Is that what you are implying? Water elementals are our only source of damage until we hit teir 3? I just don’t understand the logic


yeah they have no love for human its pretty sad.

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