Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes

If you’re gonna break the game and make it unplayable, at least give us the option to downgrade to older versions. We’re not beta testers, we don’t want to deal with even more crashing then we already do. This is a huge letdown, why weren’t the NUMEROUS issues from 1.33 addressed?!


will these clan channels translate over to diablo 2?

At this point I think Warcraft 3 is “complete”, now please fix all the bugs and improve the ladder, it’s a very sad view of the community split between Battlenet and W3C.

I tested again on world editor, selecting game constants, and changing the damage bonus table and what do you know, it still freaking crashed. Can you fix this like omg for crying out loud.

Imagine working on Blizzard

My game crashes constantly even interacting with the Frozen Throne campaign and didn’t have problems before this patch. Huge letdown and frustration.