Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes


@Kaivax talk to us


@Blizzard Please fix this game! Ranked MMR is not working since days… This is so frustrating and making me mad and also funny like a joke…

I had hope sh*t cant be worse…

Game won’t even load past loading screen gate, just black screen, cursor and glitches. I paid for this to play it you know

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This game is definitely dead…
After 1 year the campaign isn’t fix and many players can’t finish it.
Ty bli$$ard

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Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes

Version 1.34.0
December 1, 2022


  • Players can now create and join a Clan.
  • The Clan option is accessible via the social tab.
  • Members of Clans will have the following ranks:
    • Tauren Chieftan
    • Shaman
    • Grunt
    • Peon
  • Players at the Chieftain and Shaman rank will have the option to kick, promote, or ban clan members.
  • Clans will have their own unique Clan channel.
  • Player Profiles now display your Clan, Rank, and Clan Tag.
  • Players’ Clan tags are displayed in Social Menus and Chat.

Player Reporting

  • This update adds automated player reporting to the game.
  • Players can now report others for: Language, BattleTag, Clan Name, Clan Tag, Clan Description, Clan Message of the Day, Clan Chat, Cheating, Game Name, Offensive Content, or Gameplay Sabotage.

Custom Games

  • Added Join-by-Name functionality.
    • Players can join games by typing in the game name in the text box at the bottom of the Custom Game list.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Matchmaking backend processing has been improved for team games.
  • Added an information screen that explains ranked play in-game.
    • This can be accessed via the “I” icon in the Versus menu.
  • Chat refreshes properly when switching accounts.
  • Improved right-click context menu consistency to support Report Players, Invite to Team, and Invite to Clan.
  • Added a notification indicator on Social button when you receive a request.
  • Various visual improvements to ranked badges.
  • Various visual UI/UX improvements to the Leaderboard.
  • Player Profile can now be accessed from the main menu and single-player screens.
  • Player battletag numbers are now visible everywhere.
  • Visual improvements to the match history screen.

Great. Can you update the website and/or news on the bnet app?

Can u please fix the leaderboard and profils, we all lost our stats…

View Profile button doesn’t work now


ranked still doesnt function properly, who knew

Failed To Retrieve Data would like a word with you.


All mission progress saves prior to the update will no longer load… was this update tested?

Seriously, how are patch these patch notes not in the blizzard app? Get it together, I mean come on this is basic stuff.

It seems this patch caused much more bug and most of the old one is not even fixed what communite “requested” (It should be basic to fix it without request) Campaign is still unplayable.

Need to pach this patch of patch of patch…

Shame Blizzard… Shame…

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Guys with all respect and thanks for that you still support wc3 => This patch is not what we need. What we need is:

  1. Dynamic balance updates (This is most important thing for RTS)
  2. Please give the ladder to w3c and make it standart wc3 ladder
  3. ask for help at w3c fixing bugs and gameplay improvements like last hit display, gold mine counter for workers and what not
  4. be honest that you can not handle the work alone - please get help from w3c or hire them

aaaaaaaaaaand all the bugs reported in the PTR forums weren’t fixed, hell they weren’t even acknowledged.

Was the same on the 1.33 PTR forums, so go figure I guess…
TBH as it stands, I don’t see any reason why there even should be a PTR…

At the end of the day, it seems the PTR only exists, so Blizzard doesn’t feel so bad about testing their code in production.


Okay, go next.

So, is the Founding of Durotar campaign just bugged now? Played it like 2-3 weeks ago and when I’d come back to the main area of act one, the game would bug so that no UI or characters would load in. Get some patch, try again and now the whole game crashes when I do that. Played Undead TFT campaign before that and it worked fine.

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Please fix bugs, before you “add New” not working features.

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