Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes

Custom games crush when ending, in lobby sometimes can’t type or sometimes can’t send already written message. After over 2 years you just SH*T on the players…

match results are not being registered " failed to retrieve data", zoom is overreacting it’s not comfortable to zoom out at all

What about having 109 wins in profile, but looking at my collection I’m nearing some 1000 win icons

yesterday when i logged into the game an error message appeared that i am not logged in into my Wc3 Account…but i was lol (how else should i see my profile in game?)
i played 12 games yesterday and had 0 wins/losses in my statistics.

Ping was good so far (EU Zone)

Hopefully it will be fixed ASAP. Love for Wc3 !

I want to report a bug from a few patches before!
Trigger function “Set - Item Name” is still broken, it simple does nothing.

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No wins counting…just says failed to retrieve data after every game.

Honestly can’t believe you push out completely broken patch, basic functionality you advertise is not even working lol.


Hey blizzard when will you let pvp battles actually count?

best Patch ever. Each Loss counts, wins do not count. Also cool how every 5th game is a disconnect for no reason


Did you guys forget how to make a ladder? Was this patch even tested?

what a joke

the game is not even working in my case


I played one 4v4 ranked game… then I got disconnected. I lost anyways, so I don’t care much about it. The team at Blizzard, I hope will fix this problem soon with a new patch.

I just won 3 games 4v4 as human in a row, and all my victories were registered as losses… Oh, and my losses were also registered as… losses! Got to give you credit for that.

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Found another bug in the World Editor. When trying to edit the Damage Tables in Gameplay Constants the editor crashes.

All wins are being counted as losses. Great patch Blizzard. FYI you already got this right 20 years ago.


it’s really frustrating

it really is, also the more they wait to patch it the less players will come back. most people came back to try out ladder, saw what they saw and quit :frowning: it’s already hard to find a game in the morning

blizzard bad ;(!!!

hi biski lol

patch is trash, are you all fixing it? Was this even tested?

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custom games are not showing in the lobby anymore…