Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes

Hey, look, we got a new patch for footprints in Windows 11. Wow. >> ;

We should all just spam them for refunds lol. It’s clear Blizzard assigned this game to their lowest rank dev and the dude is just not intelligent enough to do anything but alter footprints lol. Prob lied on his resume. Scary for a company that large, but yeah, unfortunate. Stripped away a good game from 20 years ago to “reforge” it to crap, squeeze money, and abandon their customers. Why I’ll never give Blizzard another dime TBH.

Check PTR build. A lot has been changed.

Entire RoC and TFT campaign has been given a balance pass for difficulty levels. Model format has been worked on (new version supported) with new features. GUI has had more new natives added to it for ease of use. Main menu is now a lot more performant for everyone.

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And now zoom has been added to the latest PTR build!

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Is there any way you could address the save/load feature for custom games? Or at least state whether you intend to implement it? It used to be a very important feature that enabled playing long maps across multiple game sessions, but was completely removed with the launch of Reforged.

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OP updated with full patch notes for version 1.33.0.

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Thanks! and wow what a list, will take some time going over it. :face_with_monocle:

But also if I may how come you updated this one into a mega post instead of a new 1.33 patch post? :slight_smile:

“A proxy game server in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. has been added.” So this is why i’ve been seeing better pings in a lot of games. Holy US East is Back

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Thanks. However, can you please make a new thread for the patch 1.33, there’s no need to combine a giant post from April 2020.

It would really be a better idea to just have new threads for updates.

“2 years of work patch” ended up being “2 hours of work patch”
way to go bliz, to a garbage bin that is.

amazing, the wrong rotated gate in Silvermoon made it in live

and there goes my custom models with custom popcorns topkek

You added a server in Chicago… how about the rest of us in different countries? Add a server in Sydney, Australia like your other games. We could have low ping (self hosted games) prior to Reforged and we have to deal with 200ms minimum at all times now STILL.

Add more servers Blizzard, come on…

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many custom HD models break

Why don’t you list the World Editor changes like new events etc.? People on Hive seem to have crashes with the new patch etc. When can we expect the next patch, will people continue working on patching it and will there be custom campaigns in the future???

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It took 2 years to release A BROKEN LADDER??? hahahaha

Development ceased for 2 years. It was only recently restarted.

So, no, it neither is 2 years of work, nor did it take 2 years to release anything in the patch.

So many can’t help but rage/gibe with no knowledge of the circumstances. Modesty is a virtue.

" failed to retrieve data" message appear after every arranged team game ( 2v2), after 5 games, still no ranks, no match history.
Also, please improve the zoom make it more accurate, with more zoom possibilities, I cant find a correct zoom, need more servers worldwide
Many other bugs , the menu is not smooth enough, there is some delay after clicking on buttons

Custom games crush when ending, in lobby sometimes can’t type or sometimes can’t send already written message. After over 2 years you just SH*T on the players…