Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes

Im dead xD im not even gonna blame fanboys…
But they didnt help with their low expectations & damage control fightning any feeeback they didnt like xD


Till now seems a waste of money, 40E lost. And they didn’t dare to spoke a clear think about cutscenes.


What the hell have the devs been doing? Why did you feel the need to rush it?


Could you at least confirm whether the devs will still be working on the campaign after release? I’m not talking about bug fixes. I just want to know if I should wait to play the campaign to enjoy it entirely.


Hm in 2hours i can see the campaign for myself, but if only 3 maps are reforged, iam pretty disappointed


Here is your answer how much they focused on the campaign.


You should know: As long as this is still Warcraft 3 I will be fine. If this is everything I get it’s disappointing but I’d still be fine.

Just want to know if I should start with multiplayer since I was actually going to binge play the campaign. ^^

Glad you could make it, Pete!

My post got flagged and hidden in 2 minutes while still editing it.

There was no insults and Ive had heated arguments here with “fanboys” and even then, none got flagged.

Call me tinfoil hatter but now im sure its not only users practising damage control.

My post with the edit:

Looks like they are asking for a general, massive, earth-shattering backlash at the level of No Mans Sky to put their friking batteries on and deliver.

When people I considered fanboyish are now starting to complain is when you know this is a disaster.

I dont care much about a refund / my 30€, I can still accept a bad release, happens often these days…

But they better pull NMS Beyond and ultra support the game after launch


probably changed or just more naturally conected to the OG campaing

8 was number of maps changed not cities… go back to elementary if u cant read.

I checked Dalaran and Silvermoon via the Editor.
SM looks good, but Dalaran is meh.

Very “hopeful” news xD

Btw, what was said? 8 maps? 8 cities? 8 maps reforged including all cities which are more than the 3 we are getting?

I check all maps atm.

Check the editor

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OG in the bonus campaign got a little overhaul.

Sadly Theramore is still the same map.

I wonder how I can link my old account with the current battle.net? I know my username but…I’m 33 now and last time I played wc3 on the ladder was when I was 17. I’m not sure what the process would be.

It’s not even certain if we’ll have a stable and playable Warcraft 3 tomorrow and you worry about balance? Also, your list of suggestions looks pretty random and very subjective.

if your account expired then it is long gone brot

Well done guys it’s launched!! Let’s celebrate!!! :fireworks: :sparkles: :ok_hand: :smiley: :+1: :beach_umbrella: :sunny: :sparkler: