Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes - PTR Version 1.32.7


how do you all still have your jobs?


I am actually shocked by these patchnotes. Honestly at this point I don’t think the stuff everyone wants SINCE launch is coming soon or even in development. But guys for real, who needs profiles, stats, clans, custom campaign, etc? You have custom games which are working sometimes, show a bit of gratitude, won’t you?

For real though, taking away all the features which the community had for OVER A DECADE and calling the game “Reforged” is not only a slap into the face of all us loyal fans and customers, it’s actually a disgusting cash grab. Pathetic attempts like these patchnotes which should please us have me like “for real, FOR REAL?”.

I still can’t believe what they did to this wonderful game which played a big role in my life for years. I kept on keeping up my hopes that I can one day come back to this game and have fun like in the old days. But this train of hope will never arrive.

GG, “Blizzard”. You played yourself.

EnTaroAdun out.


I am a bit disappointed. I expected more.


Aggressively Patching™


“a bit” is an understatement of the month… this is ridiculous lol. We waited a month for like 5 minor fixes.


disappointed but not surprised. WC3 is my favorite game of all time and its simple as adding ladder that would jump start this game again. 5 months later and we’re still without the features the original game had, its pretty disgusting at this point.


What are you smoking? Kiddo mad about NE for no reason…

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read post by Prizrak and you will understand my post

Being a Blizz employee must be one “hell” of a job. Keeping the right balance between “overpromising & underdelivering” in a way that the company can literally live by it for years is for sure an unmatched talent that deserves recognition. Maybe it can be used as their slogan someday. :pray:

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my care level for any patch which doesn’t restore the remaining removed-in-reforged features is about zero.

Any patches that are just bugfixes you may as well not even make an announcement about.

ladder… when???


eu ainda estou sem contar Vitórias e Derrotas na Europa
com isso não está abrindo novos avatares

Kinda pathetic efforts-wise. Sry but Reforged team must go… we need people who have at least 1 ounce of passion for this game

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You could have just pulled it directly to Production, no one will ever test it, lol.

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What about the visuals/models which need massive improvement? You know this requires the most, no announcements regarding this ?

I really feel I have to test this on the ptr.

Does Kaviax not have to feel ashamed? Monthly rhythm and those patch notes (worst ever since release) and btw as mentioned everywhere else: NO COMMUNICATION.



Kaivax is a CM. He has nothing to do with how Bliz decides to communicate.

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At least I see the time at campaigns after 6 months. I finally did get the experience I expected, thanks blizzard

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Activision, oh sorry I mean Blizzard. Can you please just release a roadmap with clear deadlines on feature releases. You already messed up so just own up to it and given everyone clear expectations to your timeline.

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Awesome job he has, basically sit here and don’t do anything. That’s success right here.