Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes - 1.32.6

Dear Blizzard,
will there be an option for interface scaling in future? The Interface is very clumpy, especially on big screens. And please please please let us change the distance of camera to zoom out further.
Last but not least: Let us change hotkeys in game, not in a textfile…
Age of Empires 2 remake did it right and it changed so much the quality of the game!

Custom campaigns please return to this game.

Honestly I’m fine with this. I’m honestly want more balance for the actual game play then anything else.

First of all thank you for your continued efforts to keep this fantastic game alive. Can you do something for the obvious weakness of the human peasants? Watching the high-level match, I regularly see humans losing with this same strategy of destroying the line of peasants towards the mine, and this, in almost all matchup against all races. Thank you !

Well, then give the bears +2 attacks and + 40 HP and +2 armor in bear from and give +2 armor because now they have 1 armor in druid form its a joke guys bear have 1 armor.
The next units are archers + 20 HP and + 10 movement speeds
dryads + 50 HP
The hext wisp give +50 hp
The next unit is Glaive Thrower I believe that they are very much cut they are not particularly used except in the mirror and it depends on the cards so give ti buff + 50 HP raise the armor +1 give them speed + 50
Next, the Faerie Dragon gives them + 30 HP and base attacks + 10-15
Rework Mountain giants so that they can’t be eaten by kodo before the magic class resists.
Now about heroes demon hunter is main hero, like the undead DK/Lich. Hum has am MK Pala or like the orcs warrior far seer TS, so the demon Hunter needs a small buff in the form of burning mana 60/110/160 and evading payment of 15%/25%/35% and burning mana costs of 15 and 30 mana to be able to activate it and give. Also pls rework potm u guys rework cl now time for potm rework.

Also please make the Panda more adequate give him back the breath of fire a little more damage and on the drunk haze and misses and crit a little buff because we elves don’t take except the mirror from the heroes tavern so we either take the alchemist or the Panda basically.
You must give the same range 800-700 as the undead have hum have am and blood mage have sh Fs 800-700 range give the same range Kipper potm and DH with warden on 400-500 because have MK 600 on bolt. Also make damage from carrion swarm have Dread Lord less because this damage joke what also look at his lifesteal 20/35/50 and also look at the percentage of bash have MK 20/30/40 % so I mean give a bit buff DH manabern 60/120/180 and evasion 15/25/35 this after all even less percentages than have other heroes other races mean (passive) than have DH also he is basic hero along with Keeper have night elves. Also it seems to me it is necessary to return the basic agility to 22 well and last since you buff many heroes their ult you must buff ult it that is to do 60 seconds duration and cooldown 120.
thank you for reducing the cost of talons but I think we think that still these units are not playable now because the orcs have on T2 strengthening buildings roll back the orcs this on T3 and also you probably know that faerie fire 4 patch was a nerf I think it’s time to give a little more time on enemy units maybe up to 100 seconds.
I also think that we need to rework the Chimera return their splash damage to 130 and make less food for example 4 or 3


The balance of this game is a s**t, if u are not able to balance the game say clearly.


Yikes. Even if you guys could fix the lag and desyncs (which you clearly can’t or you would have done so in the freaking beta), even if you eventually figured out how to implement all of the original wc3 features that were inexplicably removed, you guys would STILL end up ruining the game by trying to “rebalance” something that extremely talented, experienced, passionate devs spent over a decade tweaking. All you had to do was make The Frozen Throne prettier, what a massive failure. You guys somehow killed the greatest game ever made, so that is an incredible accomplishment, congrats. SO GLAD I REFUNDED WHEN I DID. RIP OG BLIZZARD. Enjoy fleecing your customers with lootboxes and skins in the next 500 call of duty games.


You could make a patch where you add in the game options the possibility to increase the variation of Zoom “in” or Zoom “out” (scroll mouse) to farther or even much closer, at least available in singleplayer matches. There are many people who play alone and wish to artificially enlarge the map to be much larger than 480x480. Using “MOD OBJ TINY” as an example. For us they are even more distant … it would be a great pleasure to increase this standard variation of Zoom even more on the models, after all, we still intend to see the beautiful graphics of the models much closer. Thank you!

I think the balance changes are quite cool, but it still isn’t fun to play withouth proper matchmaking and ranks/ladders.


You realize balance is not just something you can do right. It takes trial and error to figure out.

It would be very interesting if the game was not a scam and about to die

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Nice patch guys! Now some custom games are broken, especially Castle Fight 1.22. It just freeze after loading.

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Haven’t been able to play a custom game for weeks with friends since the patch came out.

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" the team is prioritizing delivering features like Ranked Ladders, Profiles, Clans, and Custom Campaigns" 3.18.2020

What happened here? We have nothing that has been promised here 3 months later. No profile, jank matchmaking and MMR 3 months later. A garage developed plugin is doing better at developing your own game xD


ladders? ranks? profiles? more representations ya’ll

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I found out if I do a static IP address and port foward 6112 - 6119 i have fixed my issues. I hope this helps someone else.

So much PrIoRiTiSaTiOn

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I lost all the progress in the campaing, with this patch, what happened?

Pls nerf sorks slow. Make the time in the slow less why do dryads last 1 seconds and sorcs for 10 seconds it lasts? Are you joking me? Nerf that unit at human.
Also nerf MK clap dmg or cd more nerf idk but this too nerfed.
So now undead: nerf acolyte remove 1 armor to 0 and attack from 9-10 to 7-8 that units or workers at acolye guys from Blizzard or what is this? nerf acolyte
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H6v4YV8zeY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqLkKKZYjT0&list=PL72mFHQ9oosvQ3iU-SsPWt7SAJVV3lAb7&index=4
So also nerf DL damage by carrion swarm, nerf range on coil at dk also range Dread Lord on carrion swarm and Lich on nova also nerf nova because this hero have so many spells nerf damage or slow at this hero and frost armor: Armor3/5/7 this so huge guys for 1 hero because every game all races plays vs 3 undead heroes so for what for undead army? Also nerf Crypt Lord thx for clown fiesta after 1.32 patch when u nerf CL so go nerf this joke. Also nerf speed by gargs or nerf this unit because all races cant overtake they with air army. So also nerf Necromancer. Also nerf Ice tower zikkurat and necropolis and remove armor for zikkurats and gold cost for necropolis from 225 to 260.
So now about orc needed more nerf stomp because 1s cd was no good needed more nerf cd and damage. Also u guys back for gold cost for NE talons so needed also back fortified on t3 because elf players cant all yet used talons vs orc. And i just dont understand for what was that nerf guys : Devour can target Mountain Giants without Resistant Skin. Because all elf platers 1) grade Resistant Skin 2) massed Mountain Giants, so i think needed delete this for Kodo beast.
Please guys from the balance team do this I just want the game to be balanced and everyone was on equal terms.

Wont belive that you lost time with this ! Making humans weaker, UD stronger again! Anyway, The real issues are Disconnects during game, not getting game, playing with same people all day , same teams , MMR rating not ok, etc ! Work on this issues !

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