Warcraft III: Reforged Patch 1.32.9 is Now Available


yeah great, idc about any of these patch notes, when is ladder going to be available with clans and player profiles, thats what community is, sir community manager


Update finally available and you break custom maps. Great…

Where is ladder? Where are custom campaigns? Clans? Profiles? Automated tournaments?

Where are hero skins from the campaign? They are supposed to be available in multiplayer. You have been advertising is since before launch! Right here:


This was all lies. You have been doing false advertisement since before the launch of the game. Add these missing skins to the game ASAP!


how so???

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i want to know that too.

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Dear Blizzard. In July/August it was communicated that you were aiming at releasing ranked play and profiles within “the coming months”. It is now almost November, I think it is only fair that we get some information on progress?? Really looking forward to these features, and the community is much more likely to react in a positive way to new information than no information at all.


orc tier 1 +1 for scouting purposes :smiley:

i have never seen worse patch change in history of warcraft3. these guys know nothing about the game.

no frickin orc has ever needed +1 food for buying one extra peon for scout :smiley:

dude, you purposely ruin this game for noobs… noobs should just learn to play thats all, there are tons of quides online of how to scout EASY and with zero resourgies lose with orc. youre trolls either total noobs about the game, maybe hire someone who actually plays the game.

-im out


After reading these I can’t help but feel whoever not only came up with but pushed for the orc food and gargoyle change is completely out of touch.

Tweaking spells and cost is fine. Touching core functional gameplay aspects is not. In my eyes this is akin to patch Mutalisk micro in Brood War by ‘fixing’ how they behave when an overlord is in the group selection.

As someone that devoted a decade of their life playing war3 and sc2 competitively and professionally this makes me very sad.

When you see an undead able to focus Hippos or Gyros quickly with Gargoyles in their army while being able handle other aspects of the fight you admire and appreciate that. Taking away aspects of skill for players to differentiate themselves in one of the few true skill based genres left is absurd.

“The Player Profile system will launch in the next major content patch alongside the Ranked System. We are still looking to release in the next few months and will provide another update as we get closer to launch.”

“August 19, 2020”

We just hit 2 months.

While yes they used few months in the ranked update on July 22nd, they also used few months here, so it seems few is being used instead of the classic Blizzard “soon™” aka few can mean anywhere between 2 and infinite months.


i do not agree, without the ‘prioritize’ skill fighting hippos with gargs is totally unfair. The night elf does not need to micro at all because the hippos do their work automatically while the undead constantly needs to hit and run and retarget their gargs to make sure they are not doing useless attacks on a dh or something. However i tested the skill yesterday and i noticed there are still some bugs with the skill as i described here:

You should listen to him Blizzard, he is right


Really? Still no ladder? what do you guys do all day?


i personally do not care about ladder. i am not even good enough to even win against professional players. what i care about is creating custom factions.

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We don’t care about that, it’s our common online system, to know how many we can progress through a season. We don’t care to beat a pro that some forumers, will never meet them with the matchmaking.

Words of mighty Tod have been heard, fix Hu v Ud and carrion beetles. But lower the slow of sorceress… eh they have been the meta forever. Also I always liked t3 than 2 sanctuums mass breaker so maybe good

That is when / if ladder comes haha

I believe all that stuff is coming in the patch 1.33 as that is the next major patch, hopefully it will before the end of november. Because if this does not come out this year it will be just be another addition to the laundry list of false promises.

Lmao hippos are meant to fight against web and fiends, web it totally unfair auto-cast spell vs raider ensnare. Why cant you understand races have different specialities, direct compare ruins everything.

And also you dang noob you are not meant to fight gargs with attack a, youre meant to priorise targets with shift. its so dang stypid that youre listened when you dont have even slight understand of the basis of the micro but yet you dominate the balanse changes for whole community.

Yes you directly pointed out why this change has no place in the game.

You are mechanically unable to perform a task that others are able to.

The change does nothing aside from catering to whining new or bad players that have zero desire to get better while actively throwing out a skillset that pro players have worked hard to perfect.

Not only that, It has harmful balance implications as well.

This is not true, many players have asked for this changed specifically for the last 20 years, and has nothing to do with catering to bad/new players not getting better as u put it.
I had to learn how to use both web and garg control vs orc bats/wverns chippo and watnot. it doesnt mean I dont want a prioritize toggle or something relevant that fixes garg AI.

Yea about that…for 20 years, hippo auto attacks air, hawks snare other air units, bats detonate air units without fear of accidently hitting a ground units while gargs on the other hand have to ff all air otherwise it starts attacking a peasant on the ground. Tell me more about balance implications for leaving a unit designed to counter air units with such horrible ai that it cant perform its job function.