Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

In our developer update, we share some insights into the work that's been done since launch and provide an overview of what's to come. We also share a deeper look at an upcoming feature and lay out plans for future updates from the team.

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Thanks for this, but waiting this long is just bad form.

Hopefully you do keep it up, though. Both WoW and SCR made a big show about they were going to improve communication. And they did hold it for a little while, but like it always does, it fizzled out.

Anti AT vs RT folks… hang on to something.


I hope by the time these “fixes” come out there will still be a community.


We are going to communicate more. [good part]

Wall of text about what a MMR system is. [rly?]

Ye sure we are planning to add whatever you asked in an unknown future. [as expected]

In the meanwhile get some bugfixes. [as long as they don’t break the game in other ways they are always welcome]

Well at least they didn’t write 3 pages about footprints^^


finally a breath of fresh air


I guess I’m happy there is some update. But to be honest I know what MMR means and that is the bulk of this. How about a timeline? Because as of know it’s taken you 6 months to tell us what MMR means.

Additionally, I don’t know what “communicate more frequently” means. Because what has been considered frequent communication so far has been one post every month (MAX) with 0 follow up. How about “Weekly updates on our progress with ladder”

At this point everything is just insulting though so I guess I’m just venting. I was having fun climbing the ladder before reforged even if search times were long.


I’m sorry
But for me that’s to late i’ll pass


Add all the missing features from the original game. Do the campaigns the right way make them better we know that you didnt even use 30% of the assets you added to the editor. Make it available so that the players can play RoC and TFT seperately because you know its different balance wise especially when campaigns are conserned because playing RoC campaigns with TFT balance is a mess. I know that multiplayer is a bit more important right now but when you fix both it will be ok. See you then guys.


Well, I expected a Retcon and that they optimize the game and the start interface that is supposedly made with HTTP or the introduction of new races and campaigns as a paid feature.
But FOR THE MOMENT this looks promising.


Map Editor is still in English and not in German

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So… basically this is an announcement for a future announcement that you’ll be restoring 15+ year old features from the original game which you removed because why? And when might we expect this to happen? It must have taken blizzard months to write this blog. Absolutely pathetic. The community will be long dead before they get their act together. This company is so totally detached from their customers’ interests it’s honestly becoming a joke.


Bliz, didn’t, the community did. Reposting it however can result in Bliz doing worse than flagging a post.

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Your comment wasn’t removed. If they removed it then it’d be gone entirely.

It’s likely it got flagged many times and became hidden as a result.

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Maybe you’re not as aligned with the community as you think you are. And besides, what Triceron said above is how the system works.

But, seeing you felt a necessity to use profanity in those posts, including intentionally bypassing the profanity filter, there is a chance that they could disappear when the moderators do get around to it.


Too late, just way too late. You could have gone the No Man’s Sky route, but… you did not. It does not matter what was the reason for that, what matters is that you did not.


Nice that you ackn-ed the missing time with updating everyone… I knew you were working, afterall one can’t imagine not bringing ladder at all.

1) Fix desyncs soon?
But here is a question and something to work on - are desyncs and disconnects because of such client versions something you can fix majorly within months? Another one year would … kill the hype of many. It is a priority even more than the actual ladder. Poor performance and ladder will result in bad exp for everyone.

Yes you explain what SC2 MMR is pretty much for those that don’t know. It has the ‘uncertainty’ factor where in SC2 may need 25 games for 1v1 to put you as certain skill level (still I dont mind if you added Leagues than just Level numbers)

You have’t done such MMR system in FFA so that’s a new one to see for this format. AT vs RT is common in SC2,

2) How you keep Global and latency alright with it?
You want to keep GLOBAL matchmaking… Ok explain this… even if War3 so far was region based there were always diff players to play? Why would you keep Global?At least for 1v1 I think there should be region based?

You said you reduce lag by 60%. What does this mean? Can you compare it to e.g Europe going to play on US East - slightly more latency than being Northrend only. Can you have experience no worse than playing on US East from EU?

Because playing vs US WEST or China/KR will be baaad. And I don’t see how you make this good… unless you can make Garena like VLAN where Ive played vs Chinese in overall lag free, but thats not bnet right?


They’re starting to finally treat this like the early access title it is.

Blizzard, it would be even better if you acknowledged how messed up it is that you even need to spoon feed people developer articles on a remaster to begin with because you shorted everybody so terribly.

Also, please please don’t emulate the Overwatch MMR system or anything like it… it’s terrible and feels terrible to endure.