Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

Im putting this reply as a poll of sorts, reply if you want classic WC3 back and it to be separated from Reforged. This game is so screwed up and I want nothing to do with it and want to be able to play Classic again.

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Not to self-promote, but we need to do the stuff in this topic.


They are under no obligation to do anything, so we have to vote with our wallets:

  • Get a refund for this game ASAP
  • Cancel any preorders you have for other Blizzard games (e.g. Shadowlands)
  • Do not pre-order any new Blizzard games
  • Do not buy anything from the Blizzard store (pets, mounts, gems for HotS, cards for HS, WoW time, etc.) until they give us the game we originally paid for
  • Only play Blizzard games you already own or have paid for

I think it’s the only way we have a chance. They are too big, now.


wow, fantastic corporate response.

Blizzard is dead. The only thing that will change my mind is if they reverse eula on custom maps but seeing as they didn’t even mention that here I have little hope.

f u Blizzard. Ima keep playing Ver. 1.30


been playing BLIZZARD games since 1995 (i was 9), but BLIZZARD started dying as Metzen left.

shame on you activision. no capital letters.

p.s. you are never stopping blowing things up. looking forward in your destroying Diablo a little bit more and OW too. all of Chris’ legacy is going to hell.

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Just tell me why do you want that ugly 2018 UI? The old one is much better.

You’re right Cellhawk, it’s not. These terms have one, not changed in a long time. And two are common in not only video games but on any platform where users create content. It’s true in Facebook’s EULA, it’s true in Twitter’s EULA, and it’s true on these very forums.

The content they are giving themselves permission to use is necessary for them to host a game with your map. If you owned the copyright you could sue them for hosting your map on their servers. Which breaks the entire product, thus these types of terms get used.

These terms also do not mean that something like DOTA could not have been created. Blizzard is not taking the rights to the intelligence and design layout that users make when creating a map. What they are saying is that you can’t take their assets (model designs) and create your own product using them. In other words, if you want to make a game using a map you designed in W3 you are more than welcome to do so, you just can’t steal Blizzard’s property to do so (so, no private servers).

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I know what you mean, but think this time it is a bit different. Warcraft 3 is one of the most popular and important video games ever. Over 24,000 people have gone out of their way to review bomb the game on MetaCritic. All of my friends that have haphazardly said they would never buy another Blizzard game after Cata, D3, HK/Blitzchung, etc. have actually got refunds and uninstalled their games.

People aren’t just mad, they are so pissed they are actually doing something about it.

If we pull our pre-orders and keep the comments coming, shareholders will notice and Blizzard will have to act. It may not work, but it’s all we got.

This statement and its tone is a joke and an insult to every loyal Warcraft III enthusiast. You released an unfinished, underwhelming, bug-infested and falsely advertised Reforged and stripped away TFT.


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Im speechless, Blizzard was Number One!! Gaming Company in the World, the Cinematic loooooooks AWESOME!!!
Why the heck you always didnt take time to develop your Games to a “final-state”.

I buyed 5 Copys of this Game, one for me and 4 for my friends, no one of the wants to play this Game (All are at Blizz Site since more then 20 Years and totally Wc3, WoW Geeks. SHAME ON YOU BLIZZ! YOU ONLY LOOK IN YOUR WALLET AND NOT IN THE HEARTS OF THE GAMERS ANYMORE!w


Basically, they don’t want to maintain it but if you want to do some free work for them, go ahead. Great.


same thing here, 5 copies for friends none likes it

Thank you Kaivax,

You are correct I didnt get the experience I wanted. I wanted to play Warcraft3 Reforged. A reimagining of a iconic game from my childhood. Arguably one of the most anticipated games for me and many others. If I had known that Activision-Blizzard was going to make any changes to the original masterpiece I would have paid to stop that from happening.

The promises made were very simple. That is what I paid for, a reimagining of the third war which retcons some continuity issues to fit better into WOW. This would have been completely possible if you had just left the original WC3 alone and created a stand alone WC3 Reforged experience. You could have “preserved the true spirit of Warcraft 3” by keeping the original as it was and helping the graphics similar to the starcraft remaster. This would have been acceptable for the purists. They could have created a low rumble on the internet upset that the story is going, but these are tired old arguments. They have been there since WoW’s inception and will be there regardless of anything you do.

Now look what has happened. Activision-Blizzard rushed a game and pushed out a unfinished game while continuing to advertise as if the product is somehow still in tact. Please stop doing this, I dont know how your business executives are still in positions of power. As your stock falls, and the fans support fades.

It is sad becuase I still want you to make the game to the standards you set for yourself. I am more than sure the entire community would be okay with you unreleasing the game fixing it, and giving it a release date appropriate and when it is actually finished.

I only blame those who thought this would be acceptable. To all those that had doubts about the product, you should have spoken up, and if that resulted in your termination then Activision-Blizzard is in a worse situation than we all thought.

You still have a chance to fix this let me show you how;

  1. Admit you released an unfinished product
  2. revert WC3 original, and relaunch its client
  3. Put all necessary work into Reforged that makes it a stand alone game
  4. provide the fans with what YOU advsertised

I promise we will have the experience we want when your product matches your Hype.

With all kindness and hope,


The problem is they kept using very cool looking remade cutscenes (new camera angles mostly) in all the marketing.

So yeah, people being angry about being lied to by false adverts is understandable.

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I am trying to stay fair about this, rather than just jump on the hate bandwagon, but I have to say that I think the anger here is mostly justified. I pre-ordered immediately when I saw what you guys were promising with this game, one of my all-time favorite games by one of my all-time favorite game companies. I’m going to wait for the patch this week and then play some more of the campaign and make my decision about returning the game. One thing I can say for sure though, I will NEVER pre-order a Blizzard game EVER again. That’s not even out of spite or anger. You’ve literally betrayed the trust of your customers. I’m now in the position where I’d feel like a sucker if I pre-ordered one of your games, because it’s very possible that the game has been falsely-advertised. I don’t like being in this position - I wish we could go back to the old days where I would never have felt like a sucker for handing my money over for a pre-order without hesitation because I knew you guys were going to deliver big time.


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Damn straight I remember those time and it was the golden time for blizzard. Sure some were disappointed that starcraft and diablo 2 were delayed but they did admitted it and made their game great. They shown about starcraft in 1996 and decided to remake it then it was totally different then it was original made in 1998. I remember the time you watched their updates bi-weekly to keep up what they’re doing. I knew after when Blizzard decided to lay off Blizzard North that they WILL go down hill. Then Activation took over. Well guess what! Now it’s all silent, no update, no mention of release and laziest excuses. Blizzard is not was it used to be, they’re gone and depleted. They’re now frauds with cheap shot apologies.

I considered Warcraft:Reforged a test to see if Blizzard can redeemed themselves, guess not. Good thing I didn’t buy it or pre-order but my friend did which I warned him not to, then got upset at me lol. Thus why it’s a test because I just considered not to pre-order Diablo 4.

Time to move on I guess. Just sad really.

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Do you plan to honor this video?
This is not a problem of who apologizes more than who, give everything they promised and admit that they were wrong but ADMIT IT WELL, and if they can give more than what they offered BETTER, at this point the game should be free for all people and OBVIOUSly you should include everything you promised and MORE so that people trust you again as a company.

This is no longer a matter of “We have no thought bla bla bla …”, put all the necessary budget to put everything they promised. Also say what the hell they were thinking sincerely and admit their mistakes, or continue to ruin the company, its legacy, its origins, the Warcraft and all its future projects.
Now I can calmly say “Do they have no shame or a minimum of respect for what Warcraft means?”

  1. this post is passive-aggressive clearly written by some legal guy
  2. blizzard can’t even apologize and admit their fault instead give a low key fault to people who bought the game
  3. it’s false advertising in theory you are eligible for a complaint
  4. blizzard is dead and replaced by activision and china market
  5. im fortunate and have W3 on disc so i can install it offline and play it without being forced FORCED to overwrite it with this garbage (yes you do not reserve respect anymore)
  6. hope you will destroy also diablo 4



Az here says everything I want to say to you, actiblizsion.

What a complete disaster.


I feel bad for the employee’s of Blizzard. THE ONCE GREAT PC GIANT COMPANY! Is now nothing more then a respite for the greedy pathetic corporates. Activision has killed blizzard. Jay Allen Brack is a piece of garbage, and so is this company. BLIZZARD has fallen far, and I’ve been buying Blizzard games since 1996. I’ll never buy a product from your piece of trash company ever again. 24 years and you crapped it down the toilet blizzard.

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