Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

Lockups? Well, that looks more like a…bug/lag which it’s part of the “bugs” we were talking above …

warcraft is in “beta” until ladder and stats are available, can’t say the game is released without it tbh


No, they are not going to support two different versions of the game. They put Classic into the Reforged client. I’m not saying whether or not I like it, but rather how is it not obvious that there is only going to be one version supported?

Too late, and not good enough. You are an embarrassment to your legacy blizzard.


This is terrible! Give the old client back to us.

You are basically saying that the features you removed will never get implemented. This is a horrible way to cheat the community!


It’s heartbreaking, this whole situation.
If the release was delayed a little more, to at least include most of the upcoming fixes + the multiplayer functions the game would’ve felt a lot more polished already.
As far as missing features go, we NEED Custom Campaigns!
I don’t like the new custom game terms, but I don’t care as much as the majority. I made custom campaigns, stories and unique fights/missions, and I intend to upgrade them with Reforged. If there is no solo (possibly offline) Custom Campaign support, I won’t be able to play and most importantly share these maps with others for them to play.

Thank you, classic games team for working your soul out, it must be hard.

I don’t know what went wrong but if it’s executive level decision making, I just hope they can work for the team and the players next time. If more time is needed, bite the bullet and release later. Classic Blizzard fans will surely understand. I’d rather be anxious and wait than have a tragedy like this happen. It’s bad for the devs, bad for the players and bad for the reputation of the game.

It is fixable, with time and effort. Not much to do here, other than wait.
Fans, fellow players, please give constructive feedback and help us get this game back on top. I love Warcraft III, and we can save it.


FWIW, the Mac client for me is unplayable. The cursor moves in a very jaggy way, the font graphics are pixilated, the responsiveness to mouse interaction is laggy. Now, I’m on an iMac Pro, with a Vega 64 card and 32 GB ram, so it’s not the hardware. It’s the game (for instance, WoW is fine, D3 is fine, Hearthstone is fine, Heroes is fine).

What saddens me is that this is the identical behavior I saw during beta, but the Mac beta came out so late I had no time to test.

While I am not going to screed about “refunds” I cannot recommend the game to Mac users in its current state.


I was going to buy the game but after all of this I won’t do it. The state of the game is the same as Wow 8.3, a total shiitshow. Diablo 4 better be good or this company is over.


When can we expect another bloated meaningless novel that addresses next to nothing?


Well, that is not obvious for me and completely removing the old game many loved and played for years and leaving only its graphics is unacceptable to me.

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i hope everyone udnestand nohting will change, atleast bring back new UI, regorge looks not bad with custom UI


So what about the copyright issues? What about LAN? What about how the old client was deleted and people now have to pirate older versions? You talk about nonsense like ‘support and passion’ when everything about this release screams hostility. Now all we get is a bunch of PR nonsense like ‘support and passion’ and ‘pouring our hearts out.’ I bet you were sweating bullets while you were typing this out, probably had another useless PR manager hovering over your shoulder too.

“Fix later, please understand” doesn’t satisfy anyone here. If this game was supposedly so important to Blizzard, why did they outsource 75% of the game’s development? It should have been as polished as WarCraft III was on its release eighteen years ago.


At least fix the portait lip-synch animation, which the Classic version could get away with, 20 years later you cannot.


I feel like your grammar was getting worse with each word as well.


First communication with devs since blizzcon 2018 reveal lol.


It’s your prerogative to feel how you want. But they are not going to have two versions of the same game running concurrently. It wasn’t true with SCR no matter how they felt, It wont be with WC3R no matter how we feel. Or SC2, or or D3, etc.

Classic is in the Reforged client.


Cmon guys, they are a fat american company with fat people, they never gonna revert copyright


Bad excuses.

Guess iam still done with you Blizzard.
Why didn’t you made 2 campaigns?
1 for purist and 1 reforged?
Reforged is just a simple cashcrab. Lack of communications, game is not in a releaseable state, you still advertise the game with an old trailer.

Most player in the forum wanted a new experience. You can even see this at Metacritic.

Iam sure that you can fix this game, but as I said iam done. You are not the Blizzard I liked.


Here come dat boi with Australian Consumer Laws like they did with Fallout 76.


instant loss at game start - is that enough? i cant even play the first mission in classic

i will reinstall the real wc3 now…