Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

This wall of text doesn’t answer any of the community’s concerns. Disgraceful. Cutting the new cutscenes because you want to “preserve” the original ones? You mad or what? If people wanted to play the original they will play through the “Classic” graphics settings. Don’t tell people what they want to do. You sell a $30 product that provides nothing, but new models and actually takes a lot more than it gives. No shame at all. Tell your overlord he needs to rethink what to say next.


Awesome thanks for the much needed update :slight_smile: , just curious if this patch will fix the black screen with cursor on launch??

You want to add MMR, but maybe fix the game is MORE MORE important… Even if you play 1vBot you have 60ms (why ms ???)… How a big company like you can do something like that… we should maybe bring the thousands angry peoples together and sue you to get our money back in justice. Because it’s a scam… you just lied to everyone and now say you assume and be happy about your project… i was CG artist and i’ve seen 2 years students doing MUCH MUCH better than this s hit…
Don’t write “Warcraft III Reforged” on your CV, shame on you… and thanks for the fist.

And you locked the work of the community but they are more talented than your team, so open them the gates and work with your community instead of talking like scammers…

Blizzard is definitly dead… money money money… that’s why you’re not able to reforged a piece of art made by passionate and talented guys… Go back to some Game Jam.

Bisous de France.

What about the “new UI” and “new and improved world editor” that was promised? I paid for this game believing I would have access to a new world editor.


Don’t even bother. The new EULA agreement says Activision owns your maps now.

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I agree with every single word.


I believe the 0-marks are not enough, because you and your group are still pretending to sleep.
you know what you did, you know why everything happened, but you just make your eyes closed and head in ground. what a amazing ostrich, isn’t it?

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see this dude, they get it. this is the key point here and hits the nail clean on the head.

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Reforged in nutshell to those who might wonder what this bs is all about: got myself a farseer, wanted feral spirits as my first spell, clicked on it like I’ve done about 6000 times before in classic. Only here I ended up with far sight. The spell should’ve been called Lagspike. At least then the game would have a tiny bit of honesty to it…

Imagine typing this after not addressing any of the major concerns why people are refunding this game, lmao. You answered next to nothing regarding the false advertising.


Because they laid off probably half of their art department.


Related to that, as we talked about last year at BlizzCon, we did not want the in-game cutscenes to steer too far from the original game. We went a little deeper into the thought process behind that at the show, but the main takeaway is that the campaigns tell one of the classic stories in Warcraft history, and we want to preserve the true spirit of Warcraft III and allow players to relive these unforgettable moments as they were (albeit rebuilt with new animations and the higher fidelity art).

Sure guys, the updated cutscenes that tells us same story but which have visual enhancements would definitely ruin our gaming experience. xD

Okay, if visual enhancements can ruin our gaming expirience, then why do updated models you made didn’t?


Too bad you couldn’t have poured your hearts into it before releasing it and charging 30 bucks.


Okay, I’m done. No mention of custom campaigns = refunded.

Once you bring back custom campaigns, I might consider buying the game again.


I totally understand that you might not have enough resources for this, but why under all circumstances. Did you break both custom campaigns, and basically the original WIII? Why did this replace the original client? This is a huge reason for the backlaash and basically will continue to tarnish the brand if it cannot be fixed.


That’s part of it for sure, but Reforged in its entirety is bad too, and they addressed almost none of the actually major concerns, which makes the OP such a non-answer.

Absolutely ridiculous that you’re using ROC as an excuse to gut the automated tournaments. We all know the real reason tournaments had low usage is because of the difficulty of port forwarding to host (which also just killed the 2v2/3v3 scene in general), infested with hackers and bots to abuse the scoring system (something Blizzard has consistently failed to address), and simply lower player count (something Reforged could address through more players and/or server merging).

This would be like if you cut off my legs and then said I have low usage of my old shoes, so you’re throwing them away.

And its also 100% obvious the reason you ditched the campaign cinematics update is because it was too much work for the development budget. You can honestly just stop pretending its about preserving the original camera angles. Its really insulting.


So why not give us the option of whether we want to play it like the original or not with the cutscenes? Incase you hadn’t noticed, the idea of being able to play the game with new versions of the cutscenes is one of the big selling points, one of the things people actually want. I fail to see how a game that’s being redone needs to keep the cutscenes the way they were instead of the epic way we were hoping for. I won’t be spending any money on this until the cutscenes are redone the way you advertised, no matter how many bugs you fix.


not disagreeing with you by any means. just “rhetorical” questions that easily punch holes through their half hearted “apology” but thanks for your money statement.

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Can you please tell us will Classic (standard definition) graphics be getting that visual upgrade that was mentioned during 2018/2019?

The classic/standard graphics were supposed to be improved in quality so that players who do not like the Reforged style would still have visuals improved for standard/classic graphic style?