Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

You don’t need to! It’s time to move on …


Got my refund. I’m done.


Please bring back actual Classic Warcrsft III… I dont want to be forced to new dubbing, bugs, missing features and Ui…
It always shouldve been like Starcraft Remastered preserving classic game in 100%…
Without these awful rules in ‘eula’. Save Classic WC3!


More empty words on broken promises.


So do I. You can tell this really wasn’t their fault. I guarantee none of the old school Blizzard developers that worked on this project wanted this.


So you simply upgrade the old lore with new grafich. But this will not bring new customers. People come for see the third war tales in WoW. Not the one that now is retconed. I understand you want to keep the true spirit of Warcraft 3 so he can’t be forgotten but with this choice no one play campaign like he should do.


Please add an option to hide our battle tag being visible to everybody ingame thank you!


Maybe get the remastered cinematics for Starcraft while you are at it?


pathetic damage control.


Okay but I just want to point out that there’s more issues with SD than the ones just mentioned, I have made a thread on the bug section about it (water issues which include roughness near shore and transparency), shadow issues with custom units.

And unrelated bugs like setmapmusic not working


Dont forget about new chat menu. In tft channeles was way better


What about custom campaigns? When can we get those back?


Ah so it did not cross your mind that the low usage of tournaments it because of how bugged they can be sometimes and how hard to find someone who can host given that the AT hosting bug was not addressed? You joking?!


Why did you still advertise the reforged cinematics on your store page then if you had no intention of doing them all that way!? You don’t think you could have at least updated that and informed those who had pre-ordered? You guys said almost nothing for a whole year and now we are supposed to beleive that you will keep us updated on future patches? Players aren’t upset that they didn’t get the “experience they wanted” they’re upset that you took away all the features of the classic client when no one asked you to and cut features you advertised as being in the game.


So why are you still advertising the game using a cutscene that you decided was too far removed from the original?


Have been playing Blizzard games since my childhood and have always enjoyed them with WarCraft III being BY FAR my most loved game, even beating Diablo II…

Seing what happened in the past to WarCraft III, first with the removal of Hostbots/Clans/Networks which kept alive your game for years and years and years, up to the point where the game is unplayable, yet enjoyable.

I was about to buy WC3:Ref when I read about the stuff you (or your outsourced company whatever) did to this game … it broke my heart.
I’m glad I still have old Versions of the game installed.

WC3:Ref looks like a downgrade to the maingame and you did not adress the slightest to these issues.
It’s not about the Cutscenes, its not about some missing features, it’s about the whole game I’m disappointed in after all the hopes you lit up since it’s annoucement.

WarCraft III Reforged will be the first game, not to be added to my collection.


Activision strikes again.

Keep up the good work :rofl:


I’ll still play because I’m really enjoying it, but Blizzard’s attempt to exploit its fans’ nostalgia has totally backfired.

I really don’t see how Blizzard can defend having this as part of their mission statement:

“Blizzard polish” doesn’t just refer to our gameplay experiences, but to every aspect of our jobs. We approach each task carefully and seriously. We seek honest feedback and use it to improve the quality of our work. At the end of the day, most players won’t remember whether the game was late – only whether it was great.

Imagine what could have been had Blizzard allowed the game to be late and great, like the old Blizzard would have done.


You say you’ve kept the ingame cutscenes in their original fidelity, but this is very obviously not the case. The animations are lacking in many scenes while the originals were much more active and animated. Not only that, but the blatant censoring of ‘Grom’ is the complete opposite of ‘preserving the true spirit’ of the game.


Absolute joke. This non-update is a disgrace to what was once the greatest game developer in the world. Having to PATCH an 18-year old game. Shame.