Warcraft III: Reforged Blizzcon panel confirmed


Finally we get a confirmation for WC3: Reforged on blizzcon 2019:

Looks like we are going to get some news on Sunday at midnight (European time).


Looking at the rest of the schedule, there seems to be no indication of a QA session. Unless they that thing’s timestamp a secret because of… recent events.


Just a guess but because they have to release the game on or before the 31/12 I suspect they will be announcing a beta on that day of Blizzcon then getting an official release on Christmas.


Link to web page for schedule?


Why are there different stages? The Epic stage looks like the pleb stage. The best stage appears to be the legendary one.


That’s not noon, it’s midnight.


Yes. My bad sorry. 20 chars



And its on saturday, not sunday.
2nd Nov


No. His chart is set to European time, the panel is at midnight on the morning of the 3rd for his local time.


My guess is that they will release Reforged at the opening ceremony and talk about the state of the game and future updates in that panel.

Only other games that are already released have an “update” panel (WoW, OW, HotS – there is no Diablo Immortal update panel, for example, but not even a Diablo 3 one to be fair…)


I don’t know about it releasing at the opening ceremony but they will certainly make the release date public there so that it gets an additional publicity boost.


My guess is beta starts at Blizzcon. Reforged campaign gets delayed but we still get to play the older campaign with reforged graphics.


It looks pretty grim. I am getting nothing but negative vibes from the “update” on a Saturday.


wow a WHOLE 45 minutes of official news, after 12 months of almost complete silence. How benevolent our good masters of blizzard are.


No need to be snide. But yes… I think everybody on this forum is rightfully feeling neglected.
The radio silence has been ridiculous.


Just a guess but because they have to release the game on or before the 31/12

this myth running still strong i guess


Wait, when I open the link, I don’t see reforged. Looks like they removed it.


yup… i dont see it either…
Looks like they have removed it :frowning:


It’s there. @ Legendary Stage Saturday November 2nd 11:15 PM - 12:00 AM