Warcraft III Lore retconning to match WoW is a terrible idea


I can agree with you for once


I agree about the slight details and model changes. If a success, wow may change to reflect reforged.

Remember how windrunner used to look before they changed her in BFA? From banshee super model to reflect more of an undead. A lot of units seem to go beyond wow’s official looks. The succubi for example almost seem diablo 3-ish.


Imagine if Return of the Jedi was released as a monthly subscription MMO and in it, Darth Vader canonically dies when jumped by 25 random rebels with stupid names. I wouldn’t want them going back and changing the previous films to match this new crappy canon.
I propose that WoW’s continuity is kept separate to WC3s. This will be a much better starting point going forward towards a potential WC4 (which should be a direct squeal to WC3, ignoring WoW).

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I fully agree with you. I don’t want Illidan to be killed so easily and there was no time travel to Draenor in this lore.
Also, because of the MMO of the composing game, we killed the villains too quickly, because we had to make dungeons and raids.
The scale of the story is not enough due to the MMO component.
RU Original:
Полностью тебя поддерживаю я не хочу что-бы Иллидана так просто убили и не было в этом лоре путешествия во времени на Дренор.
Так-же из-за MMO состовляющей игры мы убили слишком быстро злодеев ведь нужно было делать подземелья и рейды.
Не хватает масштабности истории из-за MMO составляющей.


Yeah, WoW burnt through characters as disposable villains waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to fast.
Can-of-pringles level fast. They popped the top and before TBC was over killed all the major characters of the Blood Elf campaign.
WoW chews through villains like we chew through buckets of popcorn.


In the case of some villains, more than once. Hell… More than twice even.


I’m cool with them making things line up with WoW for continuity reasons so long as it doesn’t really effect anything major. I’m not going to lose sleep over Kil’Jaeden gaining demon wings because he has them in WoW. I’ll actually argue that it’s nice he gets his own model instead of being an Archimonde reskin.

As long as the game play isn’t touched, and the story isn’t rearranged a bunch I am fine. I don’t mind if they make WoW nods here and there.

An example of something I would dislike, would be if they let you know Muradin didn’t die, or something like that.


100% agree with this I don’t want the next expansion/WC4 having Deathwing somehow brought back to life then spewing fire onto my beloved home.


it’s cuz they’re afraid to add new ideas to WOW. Like adding to the bible or something. They’ve literally recycled bad guys for over 15 years. Burning legion to orcs to naga to legion to naga to old gods…like yikes…

The fact that we killed deathwing, and are going to probably kill an old god next patch (i don’t know how…or why…) is crazy to me.

They are killing off bad guys like they want to move on from the franchise forever lol…sargeras, archimonde, arthas, kil’jaden…like slow down and bring some new ideas for us lol


In their defense they do sometimes invent cool new bad guys. Heck all the Old Gods are never mentioned in older games. Only WC3 alludes to it in the Arthas/Anub’arak road-trip.

But most of the cool new villains are killed the same expansion they are introduced, like Lei-Shen.
Even if they bring in an old villain through some contrived means, like Ner’zuhl in WoD, they’re woefully underutilised before being killed off. (The alternate universe version of the original (and best) Lich King was killed off as a 5man dungeon boss?! REALLY?!)


Wc3’s manual mentions the Old Gods though. However, up until Chronicle they were more of a world-building footnote than an actual big bad.


I stand corrected. Thank you Casual. I must admit I have displaced my original WC3 manual so I’m mostly working of a raw patchy memory.


No worries man. :slight_smile: Glad to help.


That is not WoW´s lore. That is your simulacrum. And it does not correspond to reality.

Male protagonists in WC4? Weird and uncomfortable.

Why this weird spelling?

Christie Golden writes incredibly skillfully. Afrasiabi is a god of 11D chess.

Thus, there can be no WC4. Agreement!

Why aren’t DKs dudes anymore? Honestly, the explanation is unbelievably easy - even in WC3, Ghouls are not exclusively Humans but also Dwarves and Thalassians.

If you know the lore of the Plaguelands in WoW, then you understand that KT was killed by the Argent Dawn.

And now imagine - something like that is the case with all bosses, it’s never hurr durr champions.

So, you would make the story even more boring than in pre-Cata WoW? By removing the Forsaken?

You should. The story would feel empty, unimportant if it’s not grounded in a known world. If it’s time travel. If it’s an you-know-what-pull.

I agree with your general sentiment that classes and class/race combos are not as set in stone in lore, but with the Spellbreakers, WoW utterly forgot about them.

Blizzard have never made an offline-exclusive PC game. Honestly, would be boring.

Imo, there’s nothing in WC3 that underline’s Jaina’s magical affinity. And that’s great.

Do you mean a noun+genitive? A thing of a thing? Like Warlords of Draenor - The Day of the Dragon? And then one word, Illidan - because Legion?

But people don’t want it. It would nevr be in Blizzard’s interest to ignore WoW.

TBC-WotLK was a trashfire, the lore only started getting better with Cata.


Wait, are there people that think like that? The Legion Illidan is far closer to the FT one than what was in TBC.

??? No, no! The BC one was unexplained and mysterious garbage, Legion is what straightened the story back to TFT!


Interesting when you put it like that. True!

Legion opened a portal to Argus and “imprisoned” (allegedly) Sargeras.

BfA has plagued Undercity and burned Teldrassil. And killed (and rezzed) Azshara.

And had them in WC2.*

False. I don’t get how people can be so blind in their hatred of WoW. It’s as if you stopped caring after WotLK.

It was in TBC and WotLK when they killed off so many characters and burned so many bridges. Since Cata, they’ve barely killed anyone (Cairne, Deathwing, Varian). And those threats you are speaking about… The Naga were not touched upon in WoW at all! People were waiting for 15 years to get to know more about them!


Not as uncomfortable as when you find out he was born female and chose to magically change to a guy because that’s what he identifies as.


Identifying binary is just another matrix, another cage.

Why not a faerie dragon? Or the Spellbreaker’s v-neck?


because… Wokecraft 4


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