Warcraft III®: Reforged Patch 1.35.0 Now Live

I’m glad that most features have been restored. but the problem with ranked team games and FFA not working correctly most of the time plus a ton of other bugs means we still have a really frustrating experience. We need a patch devoted to bug fixing now, please and thank you.

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Actually all my matches so far are team games. But not solo, only AT.

Lifetime profile stats bug still here. Please do something…

Now I quote another user, absolutely the same for me:

“I played on the PTR and then switched to normal server again.
The Region has automatically changed to US and i played some games on it.
When i checked my profile i saw that i only have few games on it so i switched back to the EU server but my profile stats still only shows the few games i played on the US server instead the few thousand i played on EU”

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I’d be helpful if you guys post what game mode youre playing.
1v1 seems to be working correctly, 4v4 does not.
how about 2v2 and 3v3?

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2v2 and 3v3 are more reliable than 4s but does still not process correctly sometimes.

did 5:0 2on2…in the leaderboard its 3:3 lul

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in my profile it shows 5:0*

I told you it would be broken, why did you even cheer up for the new patch?

Come on…


Very nice patch and amazing new maps!!
BUT, please please fix the MMR issue. That’s what’s left until this works as intended. Still doesn’t count wins, losses etc. Damn its annoying. W3C literally solved it in 2 days. How can you not program this right Blizzard?

Thank you.

Winning games, but they’re counting as losses…how is this not fixed? Was happening pre-patch. Please get your act together…

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anyone knows where I can get cool custom campaigns for the game? which are working in the new reforged client?

An update on the situation:

Last night I played twenty 4v4 games. I went 11-9. My season record for the session was recorded as 2-5. Overnight there was a batch processed or something. Now my season record is 6-9. Even more interesting, my lifetime profile record changed by 35-71. Yes, I received 35 wins and 71 losses on my lifetime profile after playing 20 games.

It is completely arbitrary and a huge buzzkill. I just want to play the best game ever :frowning:


lol i suppose i should provide update as well, my palcement matches are complete and i have a rank - but, no idea if its accurate or where these numbers came from

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Probably because nobody else is playing Ladder…

I’ve noticed in the match history that the players listed in some of these games that were not recorded correctly are wrong. Almost as if it is somehow jumbling data up with different games.

Please Blizzard, we beg you… It’s great that core features have returned to the game, but… they kinda need to work properly. Can ya puh-leeease do something about that?

The answer is no

FFA ladder game search doesn’t work 10-15-20-30 min no games :frowning:

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FFA ladder on BNET is frozen, no games being found.

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Don’t look now, but things are looking up. They may have ninja patched something today.

I have played five 4v4 games today and went 5-0. All the games had the WAITING ON RESULTS error. My record did not update.

I then took a 2 hour break and when I came back my season record and lifetime record improved by 5 wins and 0 losses.

I also just received a notification of another Blizzard patch update when I logged in 5 minutes ago.

I will mass more games for science and report results back here.

PS Blizz can we get a dev note on what’s going on? Even that you acknowledge you’re aware of the problem and will look at it?


I want to thank the Warcraft III development team for not giving up on the game. After three years, it’s amazing to see that updates have become constant again. I hope most of the bugs are fixed and the game finds its deserved stability.