Warcraft III®: Reforged Patch 1.35.0 Now Live

Warcraft III®: Reforged Patch 1.35.0 Now Live

The latest patch is now live and includes Custom Campaigns, Balance Updates, Map Pool Updates, and more.

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Ladder still 100% wrecked…

  • No game date collected
  • Looses count, wins don’t
  • Bug where you get ~ 1000 looses, so your overall stats are destroyed + mmr

if you mean “and more” as in - And more of the same ladder bugs that resulted in games data unable to be retrieved and wins not counting as wins in 4v4 resulting in innacurate MMR - - - than okay yes I agree, unfortunately :frowning:

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cant confirm. all other reports are positive so far

go online and see how everyone ingame is complaining :wink:

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I confirm, i just started the game after 1 year, i did 5 matchs ranked, no one counted, this is crazy

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elf and orc are incredibly op. its not even worth playing solo anymore if you’re a human player. Can’t see myself sticking around a year for you to fix your mistakes again and again

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Ladder is still not working and all my icons and stats are gone. The incompetence in this developer Team is awesome <3


My Lifetime Stats are still locked to Americas servers - EU stats are gone. Ladder still broken. Nice to have balance update! Keeps a game alive but no working ladder accessable without third party programm kills the game… Fix the Ladder please!


Yep, 100% “failed to retrieve data”, leaderboards not updating, games not showing up in profiles, mmr broken etc.


Failed to retrieve data in 4s. STILL


same, 3 games played non recorded

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Players can now download Custom Campaigns to play or create their own.

I always thought Warcraft III needed a special custom campaign feature. A shame the game NEVER HAD THIS OPTION BEFORE, but it’s luckily added now!

how can it be radio silence, day one of patch and ladder reset and ladder is still not working !

All my matches were recorded. 8 matches so far.

My Warcraft 3 keeps switching to Reforged. Had this problem couple of times playing custom games and custom campaigns too.

got the same opponent 4 times in a row.

The Good:
The new 4s maps are really fun. They are all huge though, which could get tiresome. I’d like to see some skirmish maps like Mur’gol Oasis and Gold Rush added back in.

The Bad:
Headhunters are still the most overpowered unit and a nerf should have been part of the recent patch.

The Ugly:
I played 20 4v4 games. I went 11-9. My record is 2-5. Most of the games had the ubiquitous WAITING FOR RESULTS…FAILURE error. My personal favorite was winning a 20-30 minute match, then being greeted by the DEFEAT splash screen. That happened twice. Awesome. Fixing the match processing needs to be the #1 priority.


1v1 games are processing correctly. Team games are not.

Yes!!! Finally they fixed the world editor and glad they add custom campaign like it took them forever to fix this and add custom campaign.

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