Warcraft 3 reforged wont start

I tried

  • restarting the Launcher
  • restarting my laptop
  • reinstall the game
  • Running the Launcher and the Game as administrator
  • even tried the things you suggested in other post from users with the similar problem

hope you can help me further with my issue I really get tired of that

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While it sh ould work, you’re using the onboard CPU graphics system. if your system has a discrete GPU you should disable the CPU graphics to use it instead. It may not fix your problem, but when you do, you’ll see better results.


Seeing “AppHangB1” errors reported by Windows Error Report. Given the game won’t start, we are likely looking at a third-party software conflict, driver settings conflict, or stability issue. I recommend the following steps:

  1. Disable all your startup programs to help rule out a third-party software conflict by following the steps Here. Complete step 2 before you restart the Pc to save time:

  2. Update the AMD Driver Here.

  3. Ensure the correct GPU is running the game. At your desktop, press (Windows key +Q) → Type in and select Graphics Settings → Browse → By default, unless moved game s should be installed too C:\Program Files(x86)\Warcraft III_Retail_ add Warcraft III.exe → Select it on the list using Options and ensure the Nvidia GPU is selected to run the game.

  4. Goto your Documents → If you see a Warcraft III folder open it and delete the War3Preferences.txt file.

Once completed retest. If the issue continues I recommend to contact our support team Here, with new system files.

Thank you!

same here. I cant launch my Warcraft 3 reforged. my PC has no on board graphic so it should use my GPU. What else should I test?

Howdy ReadyPlayer1!

This type of issue can occur for a lot of different reasons. I first recommend trying our troubleshooting Here. If this does not help, contact our team Here with your system files.

Thank you!

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