Warcraft 3 Reforged, release date?


When is release date for wc3 reforged?
also will it be sold in stores, or only on blizzard shop?


Well, if you did a quick google search…

“On or before December 31, 2019”


That’s wayyy to hard for people! Come on, not everyone mastered a Curriculum in Google Search.


Guys where is the warcraft reforged forum?


This is it … or did I mistake your question? This is for the current discussion on warcraft, whether it is Wc3 Classics or Wc3 Reforged.


That’s not so precise.


So… this thread is the first result in a google search… so telling someone to google search it is pretty asinine.


https:// eu.shop. battle. net/en-us/product/warcraft-iii-reforged?blzcmp=wcr_shop_hpbottom

  • Pre-purchase: Warcraft® III: Reforged releases on or before December 31, 2019.

Why are people not spending one minute on the official website?


likely some time in 2020 considering the release date.


My personal guess is release by the end of october 2019


Or even at the end of the summer there should be a game.


small team guys… i’d rather wait for a year then have the team rushed… they’re already stressed as they are.

now i know how you all partially feel i’m not here to praise anyone but it’s just logical to me to wait for them to feel comfortable before getting the game out instead of rushing.

that is the blizzard we all knew and loved… taking long dev times and instead coming out with solid games even if it’s a remaster it’s not as simple as a starcraft 1 remaster because they are remaking the game well put that in heavy " " but still.


Hey there!

Just letting you know i am on this post because i clicked on something from the first page of my google search.


wait what the fck? end of 2019??? holy blizzard what are you doing


Well it just says on or before the end of 2019. It could be any time next year. The beta is apparently going to be early next year, which I know is still kind of a nebulous term, but it’s what we got, and I’d imagine that it could possibly drop a few month after they wrap up the beta.


Will they stagger the WoW classic and WC3R releases so they don’t compete against each other? Since WoW classic is releasing in the summer, will they delay WC3R a few months later into the fall?


wow classic will likely not require a lot of work since they likely just dig out the old version. on the other hand, the 2 games might attract different people.


The ‘end of 2019’ date is more like a safety net than 100% set in stone date.


Most likely other way, they might release reforged before WoW Classic to build more hype for it.


I , for one, would not have bought it already if I’d paid attention and saw that it was 2019. Hell, I might not be alive in a freekin year. I preordered it when they first started advertising (I’ll admit the meat wagon for WOW was a big selling point - but do we even know when that will be in game? )