Warcraft 3 Reforged included with DotA Mod then release DotA Mobile


I hope Warcraft 3 Reforged included with DotA Mod then release exclusive game DotA Mobile. I like fast paced game like Dota2 Turbo or Mobile Legends, i didn’t like Dota2 because the game is very long for wasting time and Dota2 Turbo didn’t have ranked system so if Blizzard release DotA Mobile with awesome skins, i thought it will be very amazing game and the game will be very popular. This is just my suggestion, Thank you.


Just letting you know it won’t happen because DotA actually belongs to a company now. If you want a casual phone game then just wait for Blizzard’s new Diablo, otherwise go nag Valve if you want DotA on the phone. But please don’t, it’s a horrible idea.


Dota on phone… yikes, look at what that MOBA on phone idea has brought so far…


I thought it was a good idea to rivaling “Dota2” on PC with similar gameplay but using another platform maybe Blizzard would create a new game “Warcraft Mobile” on Android. It will be a competitive game like Dota2 on Esports with different platform. I am very hyped on Warcraft heroes with similar gameplay like “Mobile Legends”. I hope “Warcraft Mobile” will be coming soon after Blizzard releasing Warcraft 3 Reforged. Who is agree with me if “Warcraft Mobile” will be popular like Dota2? Please like, comment below, and give your support to Blizzard for releasing “Warcraft Mobile” on Android. Thank you.


I don’t like this idea, however there’s always work around if they wanted to do it… As they still have the right over Dota name as long as is non commercial, releasing warcraft mobile game and then adding Dota as a non profit custom game is something they could do…


I want to play Warcraft in my car using the steering wheel and buttons instead of mouse/keyboard. The navigation display would act as the screen. Please like and support if you want Blizzard to make Warcraft Mobile car version. Common, don’t you have cars?