WARCRAFT 3-REFORGED cant login to game

I bought WarCraft 3 - Reforged via Battlenet. Payment Status Completed. But even with all these things, it doesn’t show up in “bought games”.
On the other hand, if I want to buy it again, it says that it has been purchased and is in the library.
But… there isn’t.
Pls Help.


This is generally a sign that the Battle.net Desktop application hasn’t updated since you purchased the game. Two steps often ill help resolve this:

  • Restart the PC. This allows all Battle.net-related processes to update the next time you log in.

  • Goto the Battle.net Desktop app logo at the top right of the program → Settings → Beta → Enable the Beta and retest. If this works, you can disable the beta and return if you wish.

Thank you.

Same issue. Tried all that still doesnt work.

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