Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged: Exodus of the Horde now released!

Today, Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged: Exodus of the Horde is finally released on Hive Workshop.


  • Actually remastered in-game cinematics, with angles, interface and style closely matching the ones shown at Blizzcon 2018
  • Reimagined maps and missions, with beautiful, easy to navigate terrain, modernized gameplay, redesigned quests and more meaningful events, often influencing following maps in interesting ways
  • Detailed and expanded lore, with a completely new interlude and epilogue, fleshed out characters and interactions, with many references from World of Warcraft
  • Rebalanced difficulty levels, to make the experience tailored and engaging to each player, with completely new AI scripts designed to give opponents a distinguishable personality
  • Multiple languages supported, including some voice acting for the additional dialogues, and all graphics mods compatible
  • New, lore accurate secrets and much much more… only waiting for you to play!

Download from here:

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Welp. Guess I was gonna come back eventually for that Chronicles of the Second War custom campaign whenever that released… May as well play this beauty while I wait!


Some cinematics previews:


Really Appreciate your work and passion :dizzy:

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amazing work. thank you will check it out

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I have tried to find the missions on Hive, I have found you, but I cannot find the missions to download.
Please help!
Many thanks!


Thanks buddies i’m so frustrated of not being able to play old custom campaign that i’m going to finish your fast ! :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think and leave a review on Hive Workshop!


3 missions (not counting the interlude) in and I gotta say this is really well done and lovely. My only two complaints are it seems like a bout half the new cutscenes have crappy framerate (which may just be a hardware issue on my end) and the cinematic dialogue text seems to be the same as from the quenching mod which I actually don’t like (just the centered text and lack of talking portrait, I do prefer the graphical update), but that’s more a personal preference thing. Overall, this project is great. Very nicely done. I can’t wait to see the human and blood elf campaigns.


Yeah, I noticed that quenching mod lowered my framerates during these cutscenes immensely - down to the barely-above-double-digits. But to be fair, Quenching isn’t technically supported by these so I can understand performance dips.


they said you have to turn Foliage off if it’s laggy

In my case it was the shadows.

How can I install it on Mac? I can’t find the folder where the maps are located

You can also play through the editor. Open the map and launch them by “Test Map”. My maps are all open so you can also see how they are made.

I will try this tomorrow

But if thrall’s a shaman why would the golems attack him?

not all golems follow shamans

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The only good thing about this game is its community and the hard work they do to keep this game alive. Blizzard on the other hand…


This is what’s so annoying though, is that this change as seen could be done in engine, and its so simple and costs them nothing, and yet they didn’t do it. It just baffles me.

It’s costly to do what I did. It’s a huge time investement and certain competences are required to do it. Blizzard could do it? Hell yeah. Would it be effortless? Hell yeah no.