Wants me to rebuy Warcraft 3 Reforged

I have already logged out of the battle.net multiple times, restarted machine, cleared caches, reinstalled the app. Blizzard still asks for me to rebuy the app even though it is listed in my account as purchased.

Hey there TrueKingdom,

I did some checking and do see your account has Warcraft III on it. This makes me think the Battle.net application is not seeing or updating information correctly. A workaround to get the game to install is to do so with the Battle.net Application offline.

  1. Load the Battle.net application
  2. Click the Battle.net icon in the upper left side and select Log Out
  3. Above the email field, you’ll see a gear wheel. Click on it and select Continue Without Logging In
  4. Select Warcraft III: Reforged and install the game
  5. After it’s installed, log out of the Battle.net application again and sign in normally to then play the game
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