Very long queues - problem on my end?

I’m living in Germany, and I’m joining the European servers.
My QUEUE is 15-30 minutes, and it happened it was even 60 minutes! I’m queueing 4vs4 Ranked. Of course, a few times you are lucky finding it in 5 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes, joining the stack later. On average not though, I have plenty of screenshots of over 15 min which accumulated over the past week(s).

I am also trying it with different MMR (by races), and different servers. But there is no noticable difference, even on the weekend evenings, with
It seems like a technical issue. ???

BTW: I also changed the internet, place of living/testing, and switching from WIFI to a stable ethernet connection. All this did not improve it.

But I am hearing very mixed feedback about this, a few individuals talking about 20 seconds to 2 minutes queue. (4vs4, on all servers, at least they said so) However I am not sure whether they were trolling, because everywhere I read people have long queues - for instance ingame, or in chat channel, with rare times people saying the total contrary and wondering about my problem.

Can someone shed some more light onto this? What can we do? People that face this problem

Thanks in advance

PS: I am also queueing for 1v1 (but I am not the greatest player, so not my preference), there it seems only slightly better, in general it’s the same problem: Long queues. (again, Ranked)

This is a common issue, particularly when connecting through the EU gateway, but it can often be mitigated by using a VPN service. If you want to test to see whether this can help, I reccomend Mudfish, as it’s by far the cheapest VPN out there. You pay for the amount of bandwidth used and it is designed so that only traffic for the desired service (i.e. traffic for a certain game/application) is routed through the VPN and counted, so even 1GB (which costs about $2) will last a very long time playing a game like warcraft 3 which really doesn’t use much bandwidth.

I can only suspect they’re using a really cheap and terrible host for the EU gateway which is in a bad location and affected by a lot of routing problems. I can’t validate this but the pattern of issues people in the EU face strongly suggest this.

Another option you can try is connecting to a different gateway. Reforged uses proxy servers to set up games between the selected players, so even if you connect to a farther away gateway, your in-game performance will be the same as usual, as matchmaking for melee games is global.

For the record: 1v1 is by far the easiest way to play. random queueing in team modes makes the game a lot harder.

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You have a point, when I was connecting to Asia it often found more. But not reliable, now I am waiting very long again.

I don’t get they do this assumed bad host for Europe, it was by far the most huddled player base back then. Of course with a bad host it will also be the most players refunding the game, I didn’t really like the grafics of reforged, but I thought why not - perhaps to mix it up I purchased it. (even though old key is enough) However I really regretting it with these bugs all around. Not worth a cent. (and I don’t play campaign anymore, that being said I heard even that has reforged-bugs)

Thanks for the VPN recommendation.

Anyone else having some Experience for 4v4 queue, Europe?

These days I think a (modest) majority of players are NA. It may be partially due to the game having significantly higher system requirements which shut out some people who have been playing for years on much older PCs.

Also what’s your queue times? Please tell me (average)

I’m making a list about this.

PS: The game has only 8 GB RAM requirement. that’s 2x4 gb. (even the 6 year old laptop of my mum has that and from my tests runs it well using 6 GB only)
I do not think many are shut out. Only the retail grafics require much more. Anyways let’s keep it to the problem :slight_smile:

The menu UI is actually bizzarely demanding and a lot of people who can play the game just fine have really choppy visuals in the menus (or sometimes they just appear after looking to be frozen for a second or two)

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