Very disappointed (My ''Please Bring back Bots!'' Thread got Deleted!) I'll try to get an answer again. I won't give up on this


oohh boy you guys cannot see why new patch is superior to trash bots, and still cry everyday “bring back my wc3 or else!”

bunch of big babies keep crying every night, im gonna sleep peacefully and when im not im gonna be playing wc3 (reborn)


Okay i’ll humour you superior how? Its the same game modes in majority of cases with more noobs and lag and generally less people playing. I know we ain’t getting the bots back but seriously superior how?


No point in talking to those trolls, its always the same.
They say its a great patch and then say something like I’m happy you all are sad. Only reason is that they are truly sad people with nothing better in their lives then to try to bait and try to upset/enrage others.


Its so pathetic really. Personally I think they are blizzard employees.


i think they overreacted. they should have locked it instead.


maybe the previous thread wasnt against guidelines but this one sure is


Yeeep! Welcome to 2018, where a major “gaming” company is employing soviet propaganda tricks by deleting and silencing criticism, creating fake accounts to push companies’ “money is a first priority” interests, doing damage control by
“nuking” numerous threads and starting from a “blank” page by creating a new forum, full of employee botting and miss-information pushing, since last one got flooded with criticism a tad bit too much, and all in all cleaning their boots into its customers! ^^

Because we all know for granted that they can’t be arsed now to create a product that could stand on its own merit and people would be willing to buy, eh?

Keep playin in the sh^t puddle that you created guys, see how that works out for ya.

As a special kind of “player” iWasntThere would say “Yey! much fun! ヽ(´ー`)ノ”


Blizzard burn in hell!!


I don’t understand why we can’t get a direct answer, or maybe a simple solution. Surely there has to be one. Also I kindly ask of everyone to be respectful and stop the troll/hate comments please. Thank you


Guys instead of bots, start spamming threads asking for subforums. They will delete it, they dont want it.

Ask section ,other, and in this other = spam like 100000 threads asking bots. Then take a screenshot , collect material and save it for the time if they remove threads again.

If they do it again, you know what to do , i cant write it here cause i may be banned, but there is LAW and PUBLIC media.

With this forum,unorganised,unreadable with their factor installed on every thread you cant fight for nothing.Also hardly you gonna proove anything

Spam threads asking subforums, its real thing and more realistic in this moment = where there will your section.


So I prolly write as a regular custom game player, that is using WC3 since 9 years, Blizzard and I will just write it once to you blizzard and I hope, that you will read it:

My Battle-net name was always Berna with a clantag in front of my name (DcT, LFH, SYD). I used to start with WC3, when I was 19 years old and now I am 28. I am mostly a dota player, though I sometimes swift off to play some LTD or latest to play some HvsA.

What I actually liked in your patches was the mana bar, that got added to the units. But there were mostly only disadvantages, what came to the game, like desyncs, then sometimes double buying of items, which got fixed properly, except the sounds, that were still buggy for me in the end.

That is all no problem, since I know, that changes need to be done sometimes or that issues will be mostly detected, when the new patch gets announced.

Now with the latest patch, my clan fully fell in pieces (a DotA clan called SYD2, that is excisting since 6 years). Also the players got no community anymore, where they can group together (like ghostplay or called BK), cause the owners do not want to keep on, when there are no bots, where they can host for the players.

We played mostly for fun, but since there is no elo, no stats and no W/L rate, there is also no challenge anymore. The games are laggy (I used to play with 15 ms per game, now it is 80 or on uswest like 260), the players got no rules - so leaving is a big problem in the DotA games. Also, it is a free way for trolling, like selling items or just destroy them or just throw the win away with feeding on purpose etc and there is really nothing we can do about it.

We still do not get a reason, why those bots got deleted, though its their only use to improve or moderate games. I was also a root admin for around a year in the dota section of ghostplay and I always tried my best to be fair to the players and to be fair to my admins, that I have been guiding.

Now with the new patch, I do not even bother anymore, to come online, cause noone is online anymore and noone wants to play a buggy dota map or noone can moderate games properly.

The last wish, that I got, would be, that the bots come back and that we can play peacefully. You destroyed my hobby, that I have been doing for so long. You might destroy this thread again, but this will be my last word. You made so many players endless sad and it seems to me, that you do not understand, how much we liked this game, though you are also developing it.

With best regards and with the wish, that the bots will finally come back and end this nightmare, Berna



THEN WITH TIME YOU WILL GET YOUR SECTION. But do it wisely, ask for ,other, section,and write its key sensitive xD , and there we will spam 10000 threads about bots, and take screens every day,and we will talk with media and lawyers if they delete. And how we will know a serious genocide is taking place? When we see section is empty = which cant be true and reality,must be filled

We need more capital general sections like this :

1.Things you like in reforged
2.Things you didnt like
3.Ideas,Suggestion,Future expectations
5.Other (here you can put all key sensitive key things to be discussed)

In this way an employer who is in charged to pass the message to DEVS and Lemonade studio that is remastering Warfraft 3, can easily see what we LIKE or NOT. in 2 clicks.

You can even put sub-forum inside every capital section like


Go spam Subforums - Forum Categories . Spam it,spam it on general discussion
Also, contact support and ask subforums too, spam it. ALOT


You seem pleasant and rational.


hi just writing before this got delete bye


Yup, they deleted both my post (that had about 40 comments and 250 views) and my friends post as well, both were about Stealthbots/channel bots being banned with hostbots. What kind of jacked up crew (Classic Team) deletes peoples posts that they dislike? Isnt that like a dictatorship type of thing to do? Take out any negative stuff about you that could be true just to keep people from making you look bad.

Get a life Pete Stilwell and Mark Chandler. Sorry youre getting an overwhelming disagreement from your longtime players about all the crappy patches you’ve done. Only time you guys EVER listen to us is when youre fixing the stuff you broke (like the ladder and cgs… or like when you deleted all the clans… or like when you guys made it so people couldn’t take in clan channels that they weren’t a member of… I can literally keep going with all the mistakes you guys have made in the last 2 years since you started patching…
Wouldn’t be surprised if they deleted this comment or thread in general! Lol
Pretty disappointing Blizzard!!!


They deleted my post that simply said I feel like there are some suspect accounts on this forum, possibly Blizzard employees in disguise.

It was removed for trolling. I am pretty sure 90% of you know it wasn’t a troll.


Bots were fine for custom games, but in ladder, like in 4v4, there was so many afk bots. It was ruining the game. Many people used bots to abuse the game and boost stats. So bots are a big no for me who ladder.


Actually, they dont fix the things their broke themselves. Sound is still broken.


You really have no idea.
Hostbots was the only reason why successful modes gonna updated.
I see that u never was in a Hostbot.
Because hostbots filled faster than the random sht whats crash, desync , leaver and other problems.
Just hate hostbots without an argue is weak


What could they possibly say? If they try to justify their position they’ll either have to admit that their goals will hurt the community, or people will see through their bullshyte excuses.

They’re trying to make a product that looks amazing from the outside so people will buy it, and once they pay for it, they can go fck themselves as far as Blizzard’s concerned.