VERSUS Match record not stacking

Hi. I’ve been playing WC3 reforged since it was out, VERSUS 4vs4, like more than a thousand. However I cannot change my portrait to something else that requires game record, and the count is never increasing.
I’ve linked my classic account in EU region (my bnet account is in America region) .
It looks like I can’t change my gamename nor go back to use my bnet account name.
All above things are not happening when I play in another region, such as America.
I submitted a ticket to Support and got this reply:
This is Game Master Vorria. I got your ticket here regarding the amount of matches recently played.

I do apologize for any trouble this has cuased you as I know it’s taken a lot of work to get this far. While Support is not able to change or edit your profile, you’ll want to report this as a bug on the Warcraft 3 forums we have available. From there, our developers will make sure all of that is working correctly.
Can anyone help this out? Thanks.

Yeah, the developers will make sure it is working…rofl.