Versus game still randomly selects server

Hi Blizzard,

in versus games it still matches us globally which is very undersirable since, well, you only have like 3 servers and this causes HUGE latency in many games.

I guess to some degree you can’t mitigate this (although servers appear to be very cheap so I don’t see why for example the east coast in the US does not have one…, as they did in legacy).

Anyhow: even when the lot or even all players in a game are located in Europe or have logged on choosing the EU server it may still select the Asian or US server. Causing everyone to have 300 ms instead of 30.

This has been like this for months and it is obnoxious as hell. Can this be hotfixed? It was not this bad in the earliest months after release / beta (sorry I have no idea if this game is released. People tell me yes but I can’t imagine a game over a year still lacks player profiles and such).

Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of being fixed because global matchmaking is intended. It was consciously made it that way.

I get that, however: if everyone is from EU then it should put everyone on a EU server. Not on the Asian one. It is frankly retarded that 7/8 players are from the EU, 1 is unconfirmed and 7/8 players have 250 ms and 1 is unconfirmed. In fact: this even happens with 8/8 being from EU. This is like all living in NY city and then agree to meet in California for coffee.

It can seem like there’s no rhyme or reason to which server is selected. However, the way a data center is picked is by determining the lowest combined ping of everyone in the match. That alone can result in some seemingly strange selections because not every pathway through the internet is as good as the next.

And there’s also another factor that’s somewhat tied to ping: physical location. The regions have several data centers within them, so it’s not just a single NA, EU and Asia server. Using your situation as a example, this allows the possibility of players, who are all logged into the EU region, to be located closer to an Asian data center, and so will have a lower ping to Asia than EU.

Plus, ping is always changing as pathways/backbones/nodes experience traffic changes, technical issues, or lapses in maintenance, etc.

The multifactorial aspect can make it seem like it’s random selection, but it all comes down to the combined ping of all the players. And the more players there are, the more complicated the selection process gets.

Below is a simplified example that I wrote up a little while back. I’ve edited the quote to include regions so that it illustrates what you’re talking about here.