Update "Known Issues" thread

Hey Kaivax, could you please update the “Known Issues” thread? It is a nice idea and gives the community insides of what issues you guys are aware of. These kind of threads are always started from your side and then left outdated, which is pretty sad.

So it would be nice to keep this stuff updated. Thanks.

Maybe they are already updated^^

I looked at this “known issues” thread a few days ago and could not make heads or tails of it. It seems like my issue, which I would consider is the worst problem considering I cant get past the main loading screen for the game, does not seem to be a known issue even though I have read multiple threads on this forum from other players having the same problem! I’m sick and tired of being treated like I don’t exist on this forum until I swear and my forum account is immediately put on hold. Because lets be honest folks swearing on the internet is a no no and censoring naughty words takes precedence over doing their real job. what a god damn joke.

That’s why you shouldn’t even look at those threads. The best one we had is still the chicken footprints one^^
At least it was a good joke^^

Yea, thats one example why this thread should be up to date. I mean they could always miss to add a known issue. But if this issues would be mentioned on this thread, it would at least give you the clarity that they are aware of this.

Sure, we never know if they really work on the issues in this thread. But at least they would acknowledge that they saw the report.

Sure we do. Those issues all still exist. The game is just an unfinished, non-salvageable, broken mess that was pushed because time and funds were cut hilariously short. They don’t even have a proper dev team working on finishing it, let alone fixing it.

Something to keep mind with Bliz’s known issues lists is that they typically contain just issues that have been internally replicated/observed.

Also, there can be issues that replicate consistently externally, but if they are lower priority, they may not make the lists while the focus is on the higher priorities.

I have reported that my goblin zeppelin doesn’t leave footprints years ago. It seems it didn’t make into the list yet…

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Okay, problem solved. They simply removed the thread.

It still exists.

Oh my bad. You’re right. But it is no longer pinned. So it will drift into nirvana quiet quickly…

Yeah, strange that it got unpinned.