Unpopular Opinion

This may be an unpopular opinion here.
But instead of everyone requesting refunds and so forth, I just want them to fix the game. There are a lot of problems with this game, and the post from Kaivax did not address everything I wanted it to- especially concerning the gameplay lag, the entire UI homescreen, crashing load screens and the missing features promised (and more). But I want them to FIX the problems with a patch (or several patches) instead of people giving up and demanding a refund. Let them fix the problems. We need to voice constructive criticism. Does asking for a refund really help or do anything?


I refunded and got my money, I wouldn’t mind coming back and get the game again if they truly fix the cutscenes and the game is truly complete - so there’s that.


-wait for game to be finished
-wait for discount
-buy game


I’d love for them to fix it aswell, but I’m sick of this cycle of releasing unfinished crap and then slowly patching in content that should be included in launch. They should have been more transparent about cut content, and pushed launch back a fiew months to make sure it has the polish expected from a AAA tital.


I agree. I won’t refund.

The thing is: People lost trust in Blizzard Entertainment. They proved time and time again that they’re not listening (or listening to some weird market analysis they call “community”) and did things that were not in the interest of their customers.

WarCraft III was a threshhold for most of 'em, so they started to talk in the only language they seem to understand: money and numbers.
I think many of the people who refunded, including myself, would GLADLY buy WarCraft III Reforged again, if Blizzard would actually listen.

Their latest statement was a pretty poor excuse and there was no sign of a “Yeah. We’re sorry. WE screwed up.” Instead it was a “Sorry you didn’t meet your own expectations with the game.” - Not even the slightest hint of a “We set the bar for your expectations and we’re sorry that we couldn’t keep up to that bar.”

With this statement Blizzard sees the fault within us, when false advertising and poor communication was their own fault (prior to not delivering the promised features).

Maybe you understand a little better why people react this way.


But worth to wait summer or black friday christmas deal?
That is the question.

I am going to buy this game once it’s fixed, all the promises they made are fulfilled and it’s on discount.


this shtshow is a great opportunity for blizzard but i doubt they will pull a no mans sky (new blizzard probably cant even handle a diablo 2 remaster)

Yes !!! asking for a refund really help !!!
Only after refund they will fix the game !

Otherwise they will do the minimum until people get tired and stop asking …

What blizzard cares about now is money!
And they don’t care if you like it or not while you pay them!

They will only change something if everyone makes a refund!
They want your money, and to get it they will do the minimum until you are willing to give it to them again.

If you let yourself be fooled with promises you will be left alone with the promises that someday they will improve something.

With WC3 reforged they have proved that they do not care! Only money matters.

Yes refunding does help.

Mass refunds = they realise they won’t get away with a very sub par product

No refunds = they assume we are all content with what they released and have no incentive to actually release a quality product.

I genuinely cannot comprehend how you would even ask this type of question.

If they fix it properly and deliver everything they promised then i will buy it (probably regardless of discount) because the new models would do wonders for the custom campaign scene.

But i wont hold my breath for them to give what was originally promised so i too would only buy it at a discount because no way am i paying what they want for a hd model pack.

I think everyone wants them to fix the game, however it doesn’t sound like they intend to do too much (read the latest dev update post) and the theory is once they have your money they have no incentive to improve the game, however if enough people refund it may force them to improve… The downside to this is that if too many people refund they may just say ‘sod it’ and abandon the whole thing.

Translated: don’t hold your breath, OP.

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