Units make no sound upon creation

Pretty self-explanatory. I just played a game as the Undead and none of the units made a spawning noise whenever they came out of their respective buildings. This also included the heroes.

Pretty important.

I’ll notify if this stops happening.


This. Game-breaking bug.

Blizz, you borked it.

Thanks for the reports, what locale are you playing in?

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Getting this as well. en-US locale I think – “text” and “audio” under Language in sound settings are blank if that is related.

I play with Russian, absolutely all units have stopped playing phrases. It became very difficult to track the end of a unit training.
There are only phrases about the preparation of buildings, “you can’t build here,” etc. - In general, everything that a racial announcer can say.
That is, the problem is directly related only to the speech of units.

Also previously there were no animations of faces during a conversation (now there is no way to check this because of a new bug). I looked at a few recordings of people playing in English, everything is fine with phrases, as well as speech animations appeared.
This means that the problem is not global, but only with us. But we have nowhere to write, forum for Warcraft 3 Reforge is only here)
Ok, mb problem is more global than i thought before :slight_smile:


Same here, playing in New Zealand (English).

Some units lacks voice files in german like Thrall.

Audio in options is blank, although that could be unrelated.

The same problem here. (Brazil)

Happens as well. Default English sound

Same problem here with units spawning sounds. And it affects my in-game skill. Playing from Belgium with French language in WC3 Reforged.

Units make no sounds at all in Polish.

Yup, I can confirm it.

Another US English player confirming this bug.

I am from the EU and have the same problem. I played Undead and when the dreadlord came out of the altar it did not make a ‘I am here’-sound…

Playing in germany, but on a english wqindows and wcr is also english.

It works when its switched to classic version, old models have new voices. But on reforged they make no sound.

Thanks for all the info guys! I’ll update the known issues list with this one shortly.

I’m having the same issue, I only hear a “Job’s done” once something is finished but I don’t hear the units voice at all, not even when I click on them. I checked the options and saw that the Audio tab had both options in blank, I can’t select the voice or volume language there.