Unexpected error after exiting warcraft 3

I have no crashes while playing, only sometime I do get the annoying pop up error after exiting the game. My battle net launcher is up to date. Advice cheers.

My advice is to just ignore it. It’s not hurting anything, and you wanted to exit anyway. I’m in the same boat as you, it’s just a pretty meaningless crash that doesn’t impact anything.

I know a lot of people are having this error. I am curious whether they are ‘exactly’ experiencing the same issue. Are you having the same issue as me or yours is basically crashing to desktop while playing? If I am the only 1 having that issue, maybe it could be just my installation is corrupted.

Yes, it’s a straight up game bug, pretty sure it’s affecting everyone or almost everyone.

Alright then.


We are currently investigating a few issues, such as starting a map and quitting right away or using Alt-F4; both of these may cause the game to crash. However if you exit normally from a menu, and the client crashes, it could be a sign of a conflict. I do recommend disabling all background programs to see if that frequency and behavior changes following the steps Here.

Thank you.

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